How to Navigate Boards

Navigating from one Board to another is wheelhouse behavior for working in KaiNexus; each one of your organization's Boards serves a unique function and displays custom datasets. We’ve made it as simple as we can to ensure that you can navigate to where you need to go in the easiest way possible. 

How do I access a Board?

Upon logging in to KaiNexus, every User with a Superuser, General User, or Wallboard User Type will be automatically taken to their Default Board.

Depending on your User Type and System Role permissions, you have a few options to navigate to other Boards:

  • The Boards Section
  • Manage Boards
  • Board Breadcrumbs
  • The Search Bar
  • Nested Board List Cards
  • Board Links within Freestyle Cards
  • Following a Shared Link to a Board

Two Line OfiePRO TIP: To quickly get back to your Default Board from anywhere in KaiNexus, click the KaiNexus logo in the top-left corner of the Navigation Bar.

Want to see your organization's logo there instead? Talk to your Customer Experience Lead about enabling the Branding Module.

The Boards Section

To navigate to other Boards using the Boards section: 

  • Select Boards in the Navigation Bar at the top of KaiNexus to open up a menu of your top-level Boards.

Two Line OfiePRO TIP: The Boards displayed in the drop-down menu are known as top-level Boards because they've been promoted to the "top-level" of visibility in the Boards drop-down menu.

  • Hover over a top-level Board with an arrow icon to reveal a sub-menu of its nested Boards. 
  • Click on any of the Boards to be taken to that respective Board.
    • If you click on a Board in the drop-down menu and you are not able to see that Board, a message will appear to explain that you do not have access to view that Board.

Manage Boards

The Manage Boards window displays a high-level view of all the Boards that you have access to within the system. With Manage Boards, you can easily visualize how your Boards are nested. 

Two Line OfieNOTE: Only Users with a System Role that grants them the Board Administrator permission will see the option to Manage Boards. 

To navigate to your Boards using the Manage Boards window:

  • Select Boards in the Navigation Bar at the top of the app to reveal the Board drop-down menu.
  • At the bottom of the Board drop-down menu, select Manage Boards.
  • Click on the name of a Board in the Manage Boards window to take you to that specific Board.
Manage Boards Icons

For more information on managing your Boards, check out this support page!

Board Breadcrumbs

Board Breadcrumbs are displayed at the top left of a Board. Breadcrumbs show all nested Boards under the current Board, as well as other nested Boards under the parent Board. 

For example, if your 

To navigate to your Boards using Board Breadcrumbs:

  • Click on the > icon to the right of a Board name to open up a drop-down menu of all the Boards nested under that Board.
  • Click on a Board name in the Board Breadcrumbs to go directly to that Board.

Search for a Board

The Search Bar lives in the Navigation Bar at the top of the app. From here, you can enter in the name of a Board that you are looking for. When you pull up the search window, you even have the option to check the Boards only search filter to help pull up your desired result quicker.

Nested Board List Card

By adding a Nested Board List Card, you have quick access to navigate to all the Boards nested directly under the current Board. 

Nested Board List Card
Follow a Link to a Board

If you Share a Board, you are given the web-link to that Board. Clicking that link will take you directly to that Board. 

NOTE: If you click on a link to a Board that you do not have access to, then a message will appear to explain why.

Board Links in a Free-Style Card

This Board link can be easily added to a Free-Style Card, so that you can easily link to another Board from within a Card.

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