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Circular Reference on Charts

When working with Charts in KaiNexus, you have the ability to share a series from one Chart to another Chart. If you are not careful, you can get your Charts into a bad state by creating what is known as a circular reference between two or more Charts. 


What is a circular reference?

A circular reference is created when a data series is being shared from one Chart to a second Chart and when another data series on the second Chart is being shared back to the first Chart. Upon trying to save, this causes the Chart to refer back and forth between the two Charts where the data is being shared and will create an error. 


What does a circular reference look like?

Let’s take a look at this example. We have two Charts: 

  • Employee Sat Scores - Austin

  • Employee Sat Scores - Houston


We will open up the first Chart and edit the Chart. 

From here, we will add in a “Shared data series” from the second Chart to be referenced on this first Chart. 

Once we’ve added the shared series from the second Chart, we can save this first Chart. 

Now going to the second Chart and editing the Chart. 

We will repeat the process of adding a “Shared data series”, this time from the first Chart to be referenced on this second Chart. 

Once we add the shared series from the first Chart, we can go to save this second Chart. 

However, upon attempting to save the second Chart, we will get the following error message.

This error message will prevent you from saving the Chart until you remove the circular reference. Due to the continuous self referencing and potential for data loss, KaiNexus does not support the configuration for circular references within Charts. 


How should I avoid / fix a circular reference on a Chart?

To avoid creating circular references on your Charts, you will just need to be aware of if the Chart you are trying to share data from or to are already connected in some way. 


PRO-TIP: Clicking the  on the Chart legend will take you directly to Chart where the Shared series is being shared from.

To fix a circular reference, you just need to break the circular reference by removing one of the shared series from one of the two Charts. 

Using our example above, if we removed the Shared 1 series from the “Employee Sat Scores - Austin” Chart, then we would be able to add the Shared 2 series on the “Employee Sat Scores - Houston” and save the Chart successfully. 

NOTE: Deleting this Shared series does not delete the data, it removes series from being shared on this Chart.