Copy an Item

Make a copy of an existing Item if you're working on something similar.

If you're doing similar work in a bunch of different Locations or were simply inspired to implement an Item from another Location in your own, save time by copying an existing Item and using it as a jumping-off point.

When an Item is copied:

  • The original Item will be unaffected.
  • The new Item will be created into the Draft status.
  • You will be made an Author or Facilitator of the new Item.

Who can copy an Item?

To copy an Item, you must have permission to view it and to create Items of that Template Type.

Only the following people can view an Item:

  • Anyone on the Item's Team.
  • Potentially anyone on the parent's Team.
  • If the Item is not private and not in the New status, anyone with the "View" permission for Items in its Location(s).
  • If the Item is private, anyone with the "View Private" permission for Items in its Location(s).
  • If the Item is in the New status and is not private, anyone with the "View New" permission for Items in its Location(s).


Two Line OfieFor more information on Team Roles (like Authors, Facilitators, Participants, and more!) check out this article.

What information will be copied?

  • The parent Item (if there is one)
  • The values entered in any Fields or Attributes
  • Any files or links
  • Any privacy settings
  • Depending on selections made during the copy process, the following may be copied as well: 
    • The Item's name
    • The Team
    • Any nested Items

Copy an Item

To copy an Item, open the Item with which you want to work, then:

  • Click Actions in the top right corner of the page.

An Item work panel with an arrow pointing to the Actions button

  • Click Copy in the resulting drop-down menu and the Item's "Copy" window will open.
    • Name: The name of the existing Item (preceded by "(Copy of)") will be used as the default name of the new Item. If a different name is preferred, enter it here.
    • The Copy Team checkbox: When this box is checked, the current Team will remain in place on the Item.
    • The Copy nested Items checkbox: When this box is checked, Items nested under this Item will be copied as well and an additional option will appear below the checkbox.
      • How many levels: Click the One Level radio button to only copy Items that are directly nested under this Item. Click the All Levels radio button to copy all nested Items — those nested directly under this Item, any Items nested under them, and so on.

        Only the first 100 nested Items will be copied.
    • Click the I understand this cannot be undone checkbox.
    • Click Copy and Convert if you want to copy the Item and then immediately convert the new copy into a different Template Type.

      Click Copy if you just want to copy the Item.