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What is a Login Notice?

If you’ve ever logged into KaiNexus, there's a good chance you've seen a popup notification letting you know about new updates to the system or upcoming classes your organization is hosting. These are login notices.

We use login notices to tell all of our users about important updates and additions to the system. But we’re not the only ones who can use this tool - every System Administrator can create custom notifications to be displayed to every user who logs into the system.


What are some different ways to utilize login notices?

Dismissable Notices

Dismissable notices are displayed one time for each user - the next time they log in. Once a user clicks 2018-05-04_1410.png, they will never be shown that notice again.

  • These are typically used to notify employees about events that might interest them, such as classes, conferences, or meetings involving Lean, Hoshin Kanri, or continuous improvement.

    By placing these notifications in KaiNexus, you’re targeting the members of your organization who are most interested - and most involved - in continuous improvement.

  • Other times, dismissable notices are created as a means of sharing new resources or interesting news about an organization's continuous improvement efforts. This is the kind of information that might get lost in the daily avalanche of emails, but which might catch people’s notice if it pops up in KaiNexus.

  • Another common use of dismissable notices is to give out a link to a critical internal or intranet document. It's much easier to type your message once and have it sent out to everyone in your organization doing improvement work than it is to send out hundreds (or even thousands) of emails.


Non-dismissable Notices

Non-dismissable notices are displayed every time a user logs into the system.

Notices like this are typically used to issue a quick reminder about standard practices and guidelines for working in KaiNexus. 
By reminding users of your organization’s rules for KaiNexus, you keep everyone on the right path and ensure that KaiNexus is being used in the best way possible.


For additional information on this feature, check out the corresponding support pages:


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