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Format a Chart Data Series

Customize how the data in a Chart's series should be formatted.

Two Line OfieREQUIRED: The Chart Module is required to perform the functions on this support page. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to enable Charts for your organization. 

By default, the data in any Chart series is displayed in the same way:

  • Commas are used as the thousands separators.
  • Up to 7 decimal places may be included.
  • Trailing zeroes are not displayed.

You can, however, edit any data series and customize how the data should be formatted. The customized formatting will be used on the Chart's Edit Data window, on the tooltip shown when hovering over a point on that series, and on the Chart's bowling or data view.

Who can edit a Chart?

Only the following people can edit a Chart's Details or its data:

  • Anyone on the Chart's Team except for Followers or Participants.
  • Anyone with the “Edit” permission for Items in the Chart's Location(s).

Two Line OfieFor more information on Team Roles (like Authors, Facilitators, Participants, and more!) check out this article.

Format a data series

To format a data series, open the Chart with which you want to work, then:

  • Click Actions in the top right corner of the page.

A Chart work panel with an arrow pointing to the Actions button

  • Click Edit Chart in the resulting drop-down menu and the Chart's Edit Data window will open.

Two Line OfieIf you need to build out your Chart in its entirety, check out the articles for your type of Chart: Threshold, Control Limit, Bowling, Bar/Line, or Pareto. If your Chart is already built and you just need to add a calculated data series, proceed.

  • Click the pencil icon next to the series's name.  The "Edit Series" window will open.

The Edit Data window with an arrow pointing to the pencil icon beside a series's name

  • Locate the Format field. Expand the drop-down to choose in which format you want data in this to be displayed:
    • Automatic: A data series using this format will use commas as the thousands separators, may have up to 7 decimal places, and will lose any trailing zeroes.
    • The other options — Number, Currency, and Percentage — are predefined formatting options that can be edited to suit your needs. In each format, zeroes are used to denote the required number of decimal places while "#" is used to represent optional digits. The predefined formats are as follows:
      • Number: "#,###.##"
      • Currency: "$#,###.00"
      • Percentage: "##.##%"
  • Click Save to update the data series and return to the Edit Data window.
  • Repeat this process for any additional data series you need to format.
  • Click Save on the Edit Data window to update the Chart.