Sharing Lists

Export a List of Items

Export a List in a printable format that can be handed out in meetings or hung on bulletin boards.

Which Item Lists can be exported?

All Item Lists in KaiNexus can be exported as XLSX documents, PDFs, or both.

  • Lists in the Detail, List, Tree, or Gantt Views can be exported as either XLSX files or PDFs.
  • Lists in the Kanban View can only be exported as PDFs.
  • Lists in the Calendar View can only be exported as XLSX files.

Ofie Profile PicFor more information on Item List Views, check out this support article.

You can export an Item List as an XLSX file or as a PDF.  

  • Export an Item List as an XLSX file to get a downloadable, workable file that can be opened in Excel or Numbers.
  • Export an Item List as a PDF to save the file on your device and/or print it.

Ofie Profile PicWarning: The maximum number of Items that can be included in a single export is 20,000. Attempting to export a List with more than 20,000 Items will result in some Items being excluded from the XLSX or PDF document. 

Who can export an Item List?

Anyone with permission to view the List can export it as well. Only Items that that person has permission to see will be included in the exported List.

Export an Item List

To export an Item List, open the List with which you want to work, then:

  • Select Actions at the top of the List.

An Item List with an arrow pointing to Actions

  • Hover over Export in the resulting drop-down menu.
    • To export the List as a PDF, select Print/Save PDF. The Print window will open.
      • Page Size: Expand the drop-down to choose your preferred page size.
      • Scale: Expand the drop-down to choose the scale percentage. This allows you to fit more content on a single page. For example, selecting 50% doubles the content you can fit on one page.
        • Make sure to select "Fit to page" in your browser's print settings.
      • Click either Portrait or Landscape to choose the PDF's orientation.
      • The Exclude Attributes Notes checkbox: If enabled, the notes entered with Attribute Value selections will not be included in the export. By default, notes are included. 
        • This option is only available if your List includes a column for an Attribute with notes enabled. 
      • The Exclude Private Items checkbox: If enabled, any private Items within the List will not be included in the PDF.
        • This option does not apply to Lists using the Gantt View. 
      • Included Columns: This option is only available for Lists using the List, Tree, or Gantt Views. Each of the List's columns will be listed alongside a checkbox. Check the box next to each column that should be included in the PDF.
      • Click Print to export the PDF.

Ofie Profile PicPro Tip: To customize the width of the columns appearing in your List PDF, set minimum or maximum column widths in List, Tree, and Gantt view. 

    • To export the List as an XLSX document, select Save XLSX. The Save XLSX window will open.
      • Team Member Names Format: Expand the drop-down to choose the format in which each Item's Team members should be shown.
      • Select Include All Columns if the XLSX document should include all possible columns.
      • Select Include Current Columns if the XLSX document should only include the columns configured to appear on this List.
      • The Include Impact Sheets checkbox: When enabled, the XLSX document will include impact and investment sheets for each Template included in the List.
      • Click Save to export the XLSX document.