Change the View of an Improvement's nested items list

You have control over the appearance of the nested Chart and Task areas. You can decide your personal preferences and, with the right permissions, set the default appearance for anyone else looking.


For whom can you configure the appearance of these areas?

There are two views - the public settings and your personal settings.

When a typical user accesses the parent Improvement, they will see the default public viewing settings. Any changes they make to these settings will be recorded as their own personal settings. These settings will be retained when the user leaves the parent.

When a member of the parent Improvement's team - see below for a more detailed list - accesses it, they will also see the default public viewing settings. However, they have the option to edit:

  • The public settings so that they can control what everyone sees by default, or

  • Their personal settings, which only they will see


Who can configure the public appearance of these areas?

  • The
  • The
  • The
  • Any
  • If the Improvement is nested under a Project, the Project's Facilitators, Leaders, and/or Sponsors. If the Improvement is nested under a Chart, the Chart's Authors.


How can I configure the appearance of these areas?

Open the parent Improvement, then:

  • Navigate to the correct nested items panel

  • Click  in the top right corner of the nested item's panel

  • In the resulting drop-down menu, you may be prompted to decide whether to work with the public or personal settings depending on your permissions and relationship to the parent - editing the personal settings will only change your view, while changing the public settings will change the view for every person who accesses this list.

    The current public/personal setting will be indicated with a . You can only change the settings for the view you're currently looking at.

    If, for example, "Public" is checked and you want to change the private settings, click "Private" and then reopen this drop-down menu as described above.

    If the correct view setting is selected, hover over that option.

    If you're not prompted to make this decision, you can proceed to the next step. Any changes you make will only be visible to you.

  • In the resulting drop-down menu, click on the View in which you want the list to be shown - you can choose between the Detail, List, Tree, Kanban, and Gantt Views


If the nested items list is in the List, Tree, Kanban, or Gantt View, you can further configure its appearance. To do so:

  • Open the nested items list ellipsis drop-down menu as described above

  • Click the name of the View you're currently using - it will be marked with a

  • In the resulting window, configure the view of the nested item panel by editing the "Configure Columns for Card View" section or configure the view of the expanded version of this list by editing the "Configure Columns for Expand View" section:

    • To remove a column, hover over the name of the column you want to remove so that it's highlighted blue, then click to its right

    • To add a column, search for the column you want to add in the "Search for Columns" field. When you find the column you want to add, click its name. It will be added to the list of columns

    • To add a minimum column width to a column, enter the desired value (in pixels) to the "Width" column to the right of the column's name

    • Click