Advanced ROI Module

Realized dates

Record the date on which a specific impact will take effect or be realized.

Two Line OfieREQUIRED: The Advanced ROI Module must be enabled for your organization and realized dates must be enabled on your Item to perform the functions on this support page. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to enable them.

The Advanced ROI Module allows you to record not just the date on which an Item was completed, but the date (or dates) on which each one-time or recurring cost savings, revenue generation, or cost avoidance impact began or will begin to take effect.

You can apply a realized date filter to the following Reports, both in the Reports section and on a Report Card on a Board:

Specify an impact's realized date

Two Line OfieFor detailed information on completing an Item and adding Impact Types, check out this support article.

When adding a one-time or recurring quantitative Impact Type to an Item, if realized dates have been enabled for that Item, a Realized Date field will appear under the "Amount" field.

  • Click the calendar icon in that field and a drop-down listing months and years will open.
  • Click the month and the year in which this impact will take effect or, for recurring impacts, begin to take effect, then click Ok.
  • Finish building out this impact and completing the Item as usual.