Item Management

Add Standard Work to an Item

Quickly add the Items and files that your organization has made standard for your work.

Two Line OfieThis article discusses using Standard Work Groups that have already been built out by your organization. If you're an administrator looking to create a new Standard Work Group, check out this article instead.

Standard Work Groups are groups of Items and files that your organization have created to help standardize your improvement methodologies. This allows you to quickly and easily create all the elements that would normally be nested under your Item.

Some Standard Work Groups may be added to your Item automatically when it is first created. Others, though, must be added manually.

Who can add a Standard Work Group to an Item?

Two Line OfieYour organization may have configured some Standard Work Groups such that only someone with a particular System Role can add it to an Item.

To add Standard Work to an Item you must have permission to view it and be one of the following people:

  • Anyone with the "Edit" permission for Items in this Location(s).
  • For Items using the Standard Team Type, anyone with the "Assign" permission for Items in this Location(s).
  • Anyone on the Item's Team except for Followers or Participants.

Two Line OfieFor more information on Team Roles (like Authors, Facilitators, Participants, and more!) check out this article.

Add a Standard Work Group to an Item

To add a Standard Work Group to an Item, open the Item with which you want to work, then:

  • Click Add in the top right corner of the page.

An Item work panel with an arrow pointing to the Add button

  • Hover over Standard Work in the resulting drop-down and a secondary drop-down listing all available Standard Work Groups will appear. If you don't see this option, no Standard Work Groups are available for this Item.
    • Click the Standard Work Group you want to add and the "Add Standard Work" window will appear.
      • Click Add Standard Work. The Items and attachments included in the selected Standard Work Group will be added to your Item. You may need to refresh the Item to see all changes.

Two Line OfieIf you don't have permission to create one of the Items included in the Standard Work Group, that Item will not be created when you add the Standard Work.