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What is a Standard Work Group?

Standard Work Groups are standardized improvement methodologies consisting of frequently built Items, files, and links.

Standard Work Groups are groups of Standard Work Items, files, and links that can be created to help standardize your organization's improvement methodologies. By adding a Standard Work Group to their Item, users are able to quickly add all the components of that Group without having to build and add each of those components manually each time.

How can a Standard Work Group be configured?

Standard Work Groups are highly configurable. You can:

  • Configure a Standard Work Group so that it is automatically added to new Items of a particular Template Type or make it so that users can manually add it to Items of another Template Type as needed. You can even add additional requirements that Items must meet for the Standard Work Group to be added or become available.
  • Decide what System Roles (if any) a user must have to be able to add the Standard Work Group to one of their Items.
  • Add Standard Work Items to the Standard Work Group, as well as files and links.

Two Line OfieFor more information on creating a Standard Work Group, check out this support article.