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View where Network Locations are being referenced in the system

NOTE: Only Quality Administrators can perform the actions detailed on this support page.

Your system Network Locations’ primary function is to tag both Items and Users in a hierarchical structure and to work with your system Roles to determine a User’s capabilities within the system. Outside of this, Network Locations can be used in various places throughout the system and it can be difficult to remember where each Network Location is being referenced. Now you have the ability to see if a specific Network Location is being defined somewhere else in the system.


Places a Network Location can be referenced:

  • Idea Templates

  • Boards

  • Roles

  • Time Savings People

  • Products (Only available with Advanced ROI)

  • Resources (Only available with Advanced ROI)

  • Cycle Times (Only available with Advanced ROI)

  • Lead Times (Only available with Advanced ROI)

  • Takt Times (Only available with Advanced ROI)

  • Currencies (Only available with Advanced ROI)

  • Languages

How to see where a Network Location is being referenced

To see the areas a Network Location is being referenced:

  • Go to the Admin section .

  • Under Organization, click Network.

  • In the resulting page, you will see your organization’s Network structure containing all of the Network Locations in your system.

  • At the top, hover over any of the column headers and to the right of their names click the .

  • In the resulting drop-down menu, hover over   to open up a sub-menu.

  • Within that sub-menu, click to check the box and add that column to the page.