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Remove the "All Items" status bar from the Reports Snapshot

If you just want the Reports Snapshot to show status bars for individual Template Types, consider disabling the "All Items" status bar.

By default, the Reports Snapshot includes a status bar for all Items. This status bar can be hidden, however, so that the Snapshot only includes status bars for individual Template Types.

Who can disable the "All Items" status bar?

Anyone with the "System Administrator" can access the General administration page and disable the "All Items" status bar.

Disable the "All Items" status bar

To disable the "All Items" status bar, navigate to the General administration page:

  • The Disable "All" Status Bar checkbox: When checked, the "All Items" status bar will be hidden from the Reports Snapshot. When unchecked, the status bar will appear at the top of the Reports Snapshot.
  • Click Save.