2.x Release Notes

2.4.0 Release Notes

October 18, 2019

Release Highlights

  • Introducing Recurring Items! KaiNexus can now autoschedule new items or reopen closed items at specified intervals. Use Recurring Items to build more types of standard work into KaiNexus! 

  • You can now access your most recent search results in the Search Bar by clicking the  icon.

  • Comments got a major overhaul! You can now pin comments to the top of a comment thread, respond directly to a comment, as well as mention other KaiNexus users in a comment!

  • We added a new section called “Manage Boards” to make it easier for improvement leaders to visualize and manage Boards across their organization.

  • We also added Board Breadcrumbs to make it easier to navigate Boards.

  • The new List Quick Filters makes it easier and more efficient to create a list of items.

  • Have you ever wanted to remove an item without actually deleting it or wanted to undelete something you accidentally deleted? Items in KaiNexus can now be Archived and removed from circulation while still maintaining a record of their existence

Complete Release Notes




Simple Header Toolbar

  • Likes and Acknowledgements will now be time-stamped in the Notifications window. 

  • Get more relevant results when searching with the upgraded KaiNexus search algorithm.

  • Limit your search results with one click by selecting the new ‘only’ option in the Search window checkboxes for Projects, Improvements, Incidents, Tasks, Charts, People, and Boards.

Boards & Cards

  • Kanban Cards now load quicker. 

  • More options were added to the ellipsis, while the Card Layout option was updated for ease of use. 

  • Private Boards can now be nested under other Private Boards.

  • Boards can now be promoted to the top level of the Board hierarchy per user .

  • Boards can now be hidden from the Board hierarchy per user.

  • Boards now include a “Board Owner”.

  • The “Edit Card View” window on Item List Cards will now grow as more column options are added.

  • Free Style Cards now have the option to add a link to a Board.

  • You may now configure which side of the X-Matrix the Resources section resides.


  • Right clicking on a Board name or Item in List/Tree/Gantt will give you the option to open the Board/Item in a new tab.

  • Kanban view will now show the number of Items in each status.

  • The option to select the Template name as a column in List/Tree/Gantt view is now titled “Template Type.”


  • Conditional Attributes can now activate Attributes and Fields in separate panels when using Custom Layout.

  • The “Responsible Location” field will now be synced to the “Responsible” field when editing the “Responsible” team member.

  • The “Responsible” team member on Improvements and Incidents is now able to edit the Due Date on an Item if the option is enabled on the Template.

  • Review” has been added as a new option in the Item ellipsis and “Review By/Reviewed On” have been added as new Date types. 

  • Hovering over the Item ID number will now show a  icon. Click the icon to automatically copy a link to the Item. 

  • The Notify and Share features in the Item ellipsis have been combined into Share

  • Chart thumbnails and images can now be resized in Text Area Fields.

  • XML files can now be attached to Items in KaiNexus.

  • The “Last Comment” column can now be included in Excel exports. 

  • The spacing of Adhoc Fields in PDF exports has been improved. 

  • Conditional Fields can now be configured to appear when selecting for multiple Attribute values.

  • Improvements can now be nested under Incidents.

  • A search bar has been added to the Timeline to make it easier to filter for Timeline entries.


  • Notification flags will be removed if a comment is deleted.

  • Different notifications are generated based on the type of action applied to a comment.


  • Time can now be added to the Date for data points on a Line/Bar Chart.

  • Category names can now be truncated in Charts.


  • The Report Card Advanced Filter icon will turn blue when in use.

  • You can now toggle on the Attribute Summary Report to show the total count of Items.

  • Editing a Leaderboard-style Report Card will now give a column configuration window similar to the options when editing columns in List/Tree/Gantt View.




  • A new user status type is available: Offline User.

  • People Attributes (Titles, Positions, Employment Statuses and Certifications) can now be customized.

  • You can now filter a list of users based on Current User’s Location.




  • Milestones now have the ability to include a Ready Deadline and/or an Approval Deadline. 




  • Chart thumbnails and images in text areas will appear in PDF exports.

  • A bug has been fixed which caused a board to load improperly in specific instances.

  • Project due date entries will now read “Due Date” in the Timeline.

  • A bug was fixed that prevented showing credit splitting on Impact columns on the Impact by Person Report.

  • Nested tasks will now be removed from nesting when a parent item is deleted. 

  • A bug has been fixed which inverted the Reference Date options in the filters of the Impact by Person and User Activity Impact Reports.

  • The cursor will now show on-screen when hovering over a text area field.

  • A bug has been fixed in which Ad-hoc Fields hidden by a Conditional Attribute prevented the submission of an item.

  • Conditional Attribute options are now able to appear on the Resolution panel.

  • Bowling Charts will now clone without error.

  • A bug has been fixed that presented Slideshow Mode from cycling through boards.

  • A bug has been fixed which did not allow users to switch series between a bar and a line on a Chart.

  • A bug has been fixed that hid the Resolution Panel on a custom layout template in  specific situations.

  • Charts without a selected chart type will no longer display incorrect series options.

  • Attribute Type and Field Type lists will now ignore capitalization when sorting.

  • A bug has been fixed which prevented the removal of Shared Series from a Chart.

  • A bug has been fixed that showed a message implying only 50 users had been changed when bulk changing users in a People List.

  • Minimum and maximum width columns in the List/Tree/Gantt View column pickers will now have indicators for the tooltips.

  • A bug has been fixed that stopped the Custom Size PDF tooltip in the PDF menu from appearing when the window was too small.

  • Item icons will now appear in Gantt View.

  • The Participant Field length will now match other team member fields.

  • Scrollbar behaviors have been fixed in multiple areas of the app.

  • A bug has been fixed which showed incorrect tags to users who did not have permissions to view private projects on a X-Matrix but had the permission to view the Board the X-Matrix was on.

  • A bug has been fixed which prevented a success message from appearing when submitting a large User Import.

  • A bug has been fixed which showed unselected Controlling Attributes in a PDF.