2.x Release Notes

2.4.1 Release Notes

November 30, 2019

Release Highlights

  • The Manage Boards area just got an update! Now you can Copy, Edit, Make Default and Delete Boards. Additionally, Board Administrators can drag & drop to reorder Boards. 

  • We added change Parent, Private, Location, and Archive to Bulk Change Items

  • Templates can now be set to have “No Status” or be “Non-Reportable”.

  • Introducing the Remind feature! Set reminders about items so you don’t forget about them!

  • Quick Filters have been added to the People List section.

  • Filter Children on Tree and Gantt View independent of Parents.

  • Anticipated Start Date and Anticipated Due Date now appear on dependent pending items on the Dates panel as well as in the tooltip of Gantt View.

  • Added the ability to expand or collapse Dependencies in the header of an item.


Complete Release Notes


Simple Header Toolbar

  • Users can now utilize the Advanced Filter in the Search window.

  • Attribute Notes content will now be searched when using the Quick Search.

  • Users can now clear their most recent Search History.

  • An “All” option has been added to the Search window when hovering over the filter checkboxes.

  • The maximum number of Network Locations a user can be assigned to is now 25.

  • A tooltip has been added to the Status section of the User Profile.


Boards & Cards

  • A Board Administrator Role permission set to “Everywhere” will now allow those users to see all Restrict Viewing to Boards in the Manage Boards area.

  • The confirmation notice when selecting or deselecting the “Make Public” in Create/Edit Board window has been updated.

  • The extra underlined space before a link to a board in a Free Style Card has been removed.

  • Default Card Headers can now be set at a Board level within the Board’s ellipsis.

  • Free Style Cards are now limited to 10,000 characters.

  • Images in a Free Style Card will now autoscale to the size of the Card.

  • Board trees in the Board Manager now load quicker.

  • An option for Realized Date has been added to the Financial Impact and Time Savings Widget.



  • A Location Attribute can now filter down to User’s Current Location on Item Lists.

  • A People Attribute can now filter down to User’s Current Location on Item Lists.

  • “Any” or “None” can now be selected as options in the Advanced Filter for Date Fields.

  • Filtering by an Attribute will now include results for Items with the Attribute selected in an AdHoc Field.

  • Archived Date has been added as a filter option in the Advanced Filter, a sort option and as a List/Tree/Gantt Column option. 

  • Review By and Reviewed On Date has been added as a filter option in the Advanced Filter, a sort option and as a List/Tree/Gantt Column option. 

  • Spacing within View Options on the Filter window has been improved for all view types.

  • Default columns for List/Tree/Gantt view have been adjusted.

  • Icons in the “Parent” column in List/Tree/Gantt view has been adjusted to match the icons in the “Title” List/Tree/Gantt column.

  • Custom Lists have been updated to save view types and column options as well as give easier ways to save current List or save as new List.

  • Average and Total now appear in Tree View.

  • The Advanced Filter has been moved out of the ellipsis and now turns blue when in use. 

  • “Any” and “None” have been added as options under My Role on Team filter of the Lists Quick Filter.

  • The Location filter option for the current logged in user will now read “Current User’s Location”.



  • Reference Date/Range is now available on the Impact Over Time/Impact Report when selected from within an Item.

  • The same User or Location can now be selected on multiple People or Location Attributes on an Item.

  • Deferred Improvements, Incidents, and Tasks can now be Assigned from Deferred status.

  • The Review window now has a schedule for future Review date option.

  • Attribute Notes will now copy when copying an Item.

  • Checkboxes for Locations have been re-added to the Notify step of the Resolution as well as the Share window. 

  • Hovering over the Item number on a custom view Template with a compacted Title area will now let users copy the Item link.

  • The Review window now provides more information about marking an Item for Review.

  • The resize images and Chart thumbnails feature was enhanced to always start Chart thumbnails at 100% and to be able to use two images at 50% size on the same line.

  • The + button on a Text Area Field now allows users to search for files to upload.

  • Voting, Time Tracking, Weighted Scores, and Chart Goals will now also show up in the “Other” section of an Item by default if configured on a Template.

  • The Chart Thumbnail selector will now show recent results when no text has been entered in the search bar.



  • You can now use the up/down arrow keys to select a user when mentioning them in a comment

  • Spacing improvements were done to the “Edit Comment” window. 



  • After setting a Visible Date Range on a Chart, the toggle will now read “Show All Dates” to show all of the data points and “Toggle Date Range” to show the Visible Date Range set.

  • There is now an option to “Copy Annotations” when copying a Chart.

  • Default colors on a Bowling Chart have been adjusted to make the values entered easier to read.

  • Chart Annotations in the Links section have been enhanced to give more context.



  • The default columns in Impact Leaderboard Reports have been reordered for clarity.

  • A Chart status bar has been added to the status area of Reports.

  • A thousands separator was added to the Impact Over Time & Leaderboard style Reports.

  • The User Count Over Time Report colors were updated to distinguish different user status types.

  • The top of the Location panel in Reports has been refactored for ease of use.







  • The Bulk Send Activation Email window has been updated to be easier to use.

  • Clicking the “X” to Inactivate a User will now read as “Inactivate”.



  • HTML code can now be added to custom success messages when submitting new Items.

  • Templates can now be restricted as to which Templates they are available to Convert to.

  • Descriptions have been added/updated to each option in the Admin section.

  • An updated tooltip was added to Default Subscription Days.

  • An updated tooltip was added to Default Digest Days.



  • Archived Date and Reviewed on Date were added to the item XLSX export.

  • The date an Item is to be reviewed will be called the  “Review by Date”.

  • Field Label Aligns on PDF will now match the Template setting.


Standard Work

  • Auto Create Standard Work will be added when converting an Item.



  • Overdue and Archived Status will appear correctly in JSON API exports.

  • Spacing on the breadcrumbs on the Activation screen was fixed.

  • A bug was fixed that did not allow for newly created organizations to utilize search. 

  • A bug was fixed that prevented the Health and Environment columns from showing on the Impact report column picker.

  • Projects will now copy correctly when both “Copy Team” and “Copy Nested Item” are selected.

  • A bug was fixed which shortened the spacing in the legend of the User Counts Over Time Report.

  • Hitting enter on a bulk change screen will now expand the dropdown.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented Custom and Range Time Savings from showing up in Reports.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented People and Location Attribute selections from saving in the Standard Work builder.

  • The Activity by Attribute Report will now export correctly.

  • The workflow quick filters will now correctly filter the Impact by Location and Impact by Person Reports.

  • A bug has been fixed which prevented users from changing the Reference Date in the User Engagement Summary.

  • The drill-down filter on the Impact Report which showed the wrong number of items was  fixed.

  • Optional Milestones will now get removed when the corresponding Attribute Value gets deselected.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented the Milestone “Make Ready for Approval” button from showing up in specific configurations.

  • The ghost text has been fixed to show that “How did you base the above calculation” field is Required when selecting “Unknown Impact” on a quantitative impact.

  • A fix was implemented to allow PDFs to be exported when Attribute notes are enabled.

  • A bug was fixed which did not allow Text Areas marked to show on complete to be edited once the item had been completed.

  • A bug that did not allow custom People Lists to be saved was fixed.

  • Templates in Standard Work will no longer give the option to edit a team.

  • Special characters will now show up correctly in PDFs.

  • A bug was fixed that immediately reactivated Recurring Items if they were completed on the same day of the month that they are set to recur.

  • Reviewed Date is now able to be added to Custom Layout templates.

  • A bug was fixed that generated an exception when teams were edited.

  • Hitting the tab key will now allow users to move from one Field or Attribute to the next when on the Create or Edit screen.

  • The option for Weighted Scores is now removed for users who do not have the proper permissions.

  • A bug was fixed which allowed Field Types to be changed into any other Field Type.

  • A bug was fixed which did not allow Tasks to be added to Incidents after unrestricting possible child types.

  • The ability to add fixed text to an Adhoc Field to was re-added.

  • A bug was fixed which caused the Status column option to disappear from the List View.

  • Weighted Scores will now round to two decimal places.

  • Items with Resolution will no longer show the Resolution panel by default.

  • A bug was fixed which caused Adhoc Fields to have the incorrect column index.

  • A bug has been fixed which prevented annotations from being added to the main threshold series in Charts.

  • Tooltips will now properly appear in List view.

  • Users can now search by day of the week in the Timeline search.

  • The clone item window now shows the correct size text.

  • A bug was fixed that prevented the filter icon color from appearing correctly.

  • Hyperlinks in freestyle cards will show text instead of the link URL.

  • A bug was fixed which added the title of submitted items to the user’s search history.

  • List option icons will no longer remain visible when deleting a custom list. 

  • The filter icon on a report will now turn blue when advanced filters are already in place.

  • A bug was  fixed which caused the Multiple Attribute Builder panel to gray out when hitting the “x” button to close the window.

  • A bug was fixed that associated the wrong tooltips on Charts.

  • Date and Time Fields can now be converted to Date Fields without causing an error.

  • Tooltips in List or Gantt View showing Overdue items to be Active was fixed to show the correct status.

  • A bug was fixed that caused the user tagging field in comments to not always close after clicking elsewhere in IE11.