"Like" or "Acknowledge" a comment

You have three ways of quickly responding to a comment: leave a new comment of your own, “like” the comment to give the poster a virtual high-five, or acknowledge it to confirm that you’ve seen it.


How do I “like” or acknowledge a comment?

To acknowledge a comment, navigate to it in KaiNexus. You’ll see two icons to the right of the comment.

  • To “like” it, click .

  • To acknowledge it, click .


Once you’ve “liked” or acknowledged the comment, the corresponding icon(s) will be filled in.

If you change your mind and want to undo this action, click the corresponding icon again.


How do I know who has “liked” or "acknowledged" a comment?

If anyone has “liked” or "acknowledged" a comment, the number of people who have done so will be displayed to the right of the relevant icon. Hover over that number to see a list of everybody who has “liked” or "acknowledged" it.

If you don’t see a number next to either of these icons, no one has “liked” or "acknowledged" it yet.