3.x Release Notes

KaiNexus 3.0.11 Release Notes

March 24th, 2023

The weather is getting warmer, and flowers are beginning to blossom–for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, at least! Whether you are starting a vegetable garden or unboxing winter sweaters, KaiNexus is blooming enough new enhancements for everyone to enjoy. This release has everything you need to spring into some improvement work.

Release Highlights

  • We added major improvements to Fishbone Diagrams, making them more intuitive and easier to use when brainstorming ideas. You can now add and edit information directly on the Fishbone instead of working from a separate window. This includes one of our favorite additions: drag-and-drop capability. When reorganizing ideas, simply drag a cause row to a new position or category. For full details on all our Fishbone improvements, be sure to check out this article
  • In addition to making Fishbone Diagrams easier to use, we added customization for the number of cause categories or “bones” of the Fishbone. It is now possible to have up to 8 categories to group potential causes of a problem during brainstorming sessions. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in configuring this feature. 
  • Do you love Widgets as much as we do? You’re about to love them even more. We added the ability to customize what columns and List view you will see when using Item Count and Impact Widgets. 
  • We are introducing a large batch of enhancements to Reports in this release. The Team Role filter on “by Person” Reports is more intuitive. The Bowling view of “Impact by” Reports has exciting new features, including Column Totals, Row Totals, Current Forecast, and Actual Variance data. Keep reading the full release notes for the complete list of Reporting enhancements.  
  • Chart thumbnails now automatically update when Chart data is changed through API, the Multi Chart Importer, imports, or shared data series, ensuring the most recent visual is always presented when viewing a List of Charts.



  • Activity Feed Cards can now show Items that have been added to the Honor Roll, making it easier to track Honor Roll Items and recognize individuals excelling in their work. In addition, granting and removing Honor Roll on Items will create an entry in the Item’s Timeline.  
  • We increased the maximum size of the Report Card editing window for an improved viewing experience.
  • Chart Thumbnails now automatically update when Chart data is changed through API, the Multi Chart Importer, imports, and shared data series, ensuring the most recent visual is always presented when viewing a List of Charts.


  • Users who have not signed in to KaiNexus in the past 90 days will no longer receive Digest emails. 


  • We made significant improvements to the user experience of editing Fishbone Diagrams. Instead of working from a separate edit window, you can now name categories, add new cause rows, and edit existing cause rows directly on the Fishbone, making it easier to visualize the diagram as you brainstorm ideas. 
  • You can now drag and drop the cause rows on a Fishbone Diagram to different categories and reorder cause rows within the same category. 
  • Easily add multiple new cause rows to Fishbone Diagrams using the “Save and Add Another” option. 
  • Clear information or delete a Fishbone using new menu options on the Fishbone Panel. This smaller menu has replaced the previous edit screen for Fishbone Diagrams.
  • We added an additional configuration option for Fishbone Diagrams. For each Template with Fishbone enabled, you can pick the number of categories or “bones” up to 8. 


  • Users who can view and edit Attributes in the Admin Section can now add an Impact Type column to the list, making it easier to see which Attributes are being used as Impact Attributes.

Item Work Panel

  • It is now possible to edit the Responsible Location in an Item's “Plan” window. 


  • We improved the user experience of signing into our mobile app, including decreasing the time needed to sign in and supporting Location RSA requests.
  • The KaiNexus mobile app now remembers the org code used on your previous sign-in, eliminating the need to enter your org code every time you sign in.
  • When you open KaiNexus in the browser of iOS devices, you will see a dismissible banner informing you that KaiNexus has a mobile app with a link to download the KaiNexus app in the app store. 
  • These enhancements are just the beginning. Look forward to more improvements to our mobile app in the future.


  • When you customize column width or view on an Item List, your selections will now be respected on the PDF export of your List.


  • You can now set a default Item List View for Item Count and Financial Impact Widgets, allowing you to customize the columns and view that will appear when opening a Widget’s Item List.
  • We added more date range options in the Realized Date filter in Financial Impact Widgets, making it easier to reference the current and last week, month, quarter, and year without entering specific dates. 


  • When you use the Quick Filter in Reports to filter for an Attribute that is used in more than one way, you can now specify whether you’d like to reference Items where the Attribute is used in the Item Work Panel, Impact, or Ad Hoc Field using an additional Attribute Type dropdown. This affects Impact by Attribute, Impact over Time, Attribute Summary, Activity by Attribute, and Activity Over Time Reports. 
  • We added the ability to decide whether the Target, Forecast, or Actual Impact is displayed on Impact Over Time Report Cards. Previously, you could only temporarily toggle the Impact datasets on and off, but now you can define which combination will appear by default on the Card.
  • You now have the option to add Column Totals and Row Totals in the Bowling view of “Impact by” Reports. Opting in to Row Totals will add an additional column that displays the sum of data in all intervals in the row. Adding Column Totals will populate a footer at the bottom of the Bowling view, summating the data in each interval and Row Total, if enabled. 
  • We improved the visual organization of customization options on “Impact by” Reports. 
  • The Bowling view of “Impact by” Reports can now display the Current Forecast for each time interval, giving you a dynamic outlook on Impact where Actual Impact is utilized for time intervals in the past and Forecast Impact is used for the current and future intervals. 
  • The Bowling view of “Impact by” Reports can also display the Actual Variance for each time interval. Depending what reference data is selected, the Actual Variance will subtract either the Target or Forecast Impact from the Actual Impact, providing data on how much the Actual Impact varied from prior estimates. 
  • We added the ability to choose whether or not you want future time intervals on the Bowling view of “Impact by” Reports to be color coded. 
  • Previously, the reference data for the Bowling view of “Impact by” Reports could only be selected when Target, Forecast, and Actual Impact were shown on the Report. We now allow the reference Impact series to be selected regardless of which Impact series is shown on the Report, allowing you to reference Target or Forecast Impact without displaying it on the Report. 
  • We made the experience of selecting Team Role filters on “by Person” Reports more intuitive.
  • The Item Curve Report will only display data for completed time intervals, preventing the curve from appearing inaccurate due to the current week or month being incomplete. 
  • The Template Quick Filter in the Reports Section no longer shows non-reportable Templates.


  • Number Fields with a value of 0 that are included in AdHoc Fields can now be saved in the Resolution.  
  • We fixed a bug in Tooltip Customization that was causing the “Cancel” button to not work correctly when choosing default tooltips. 
  • Bulk Change now functions correctly for updates to the Facilitator Team Role. 
  • Copied Cards will now have the same Header description as the original Card. 
  • Comments will no longer jump to the top of the Comment Card after they are edited. They will respect the chronological order of posted comments. 
  • Text Areas with locked default values now respect conditional logic. 
  • Text Fields with conditional logic are no longer editable when the default value is locked. 
  • Team Roles will now reflect the correct terminology in the Sort section of an Item Filter when custom Team Role names are used.
  • We fixed a bug that was occasionally preventing the correct Location from auto-populating when certain Team Roles are added to an Item.  
  • We removed an unnecessary scrollbar on Milestone windows. 
  • The User Participation Summary Report now visualizes Highly Engaged Users regardless of what date range is selected. 
  • We fixed a bug in the User Engagement Summary Report that was combining recent time intervals when a certain date ranges were selected. 
  • Certain custom Team Role names were causing errors when those Team Roles were assigned. We fixed the issue so that custom names will not cause errors when assigning Items.  
  • We fixed a bug that was interfering with the filters for a specific Time Savings Impact in the Impact by Attribute Report. 
  • The user dropdown that appears when using the @mention feature in the Comments Panel now properly closes when the Item is closed. 
  • We corrected a bug that was causing the Submit for Approval button to appear in the wrong color when using certain browsers.  
  • We fixed a bug that was affecting certain data in the Bowling view of Impact by Category Reports. 
  • When adding a new data series to a Chart, the Chart will wait for the new data series to be added before the change can be saved, preventing the Chart from entering a bad state.
  • AdHoc Fields that are required to submit an Item will now be marked with a red line when you try to submit the Item before the required AdHoc Field is completed.  
  • When changing the users associated on an Item, slow internet connections were preventing the user’s Location from auto-populating before the Item was saved. We fixed the issue by preventing the Item from being saved before the correct Location auto-populates.
  • We fixed a bug that was affecting how Item List Cards in Calendar view are loaded.