Release Notes

June 29, 2018 Release Notes

New Features

  • (BETA) Introducing Standard Work for improvement!

    If you find yourself recreating the same items and workflows regularly, consider creating a Standard Work Group so that you can add all relevant items (and any attached files!) to any of your work. It’s sort of like creating frequently used items.  

    Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to take advantage of this new feature.

  • You can now bulk edit any of your items when looking at a List in the List View or an Item List Card in the List or Detail View.

  • Templates of all workflows - Improvements, Projects, Incidents, Charts, and Tasks - can now be customized to include (or not include) Resolutions.

Complete Release Notes


  • You can now copy multiple levels of nested items - not just one level.  NOTE: Only the first 100 nested items will be copied.

    When copying an item, check the box next to “Copy nested items” if you want to copy the items nested under it.

    • Select whether you want to copy “One Level” - the items nested directly under the parent you’re copying - or “All Levels” - all items nested under the parent or its children, etc.

    • Select whether you want to copy all types - Projects Improvements, Charts, and Tasks.

      • If you select “No,” check the box next to each workflow you do want to copy.


  • You now have more control over who can create items of certain templates and what items can be related to them. Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to add customization to any of your templates.

    Your customization options now include:

    • Possible Parent Types - Specify under which types of items can this template be nested.

    • Possible Child Types - Specify what types of items can be nested under this template.

    • Required Roles - If someone does not have a certain Role, they will be unable to create an item of this type.

    • Excluded Roles - If someone has a certain Role, they will be unable to create an item of this type.

    • Required Locations - If someone is not a part of a certain Network Location, they will be unable to create an item of this type.

    • Excluded Locations - If someone is part of a certain Network Location, they will be unable to create an item of this type.

  • The icon on a Nested Items panel on a custom layout template has been made much smarter!

    When creating a new item from that button, the following information will be automatically filled in as applicable:

    • The “Parent” field will be filled in with the name of the parent item.

    • Any Attributes you have filtered by on that panel will be added to the new item.

    • If you have filtered by “Type,” you will only be able to create new items of that type or types.

  • The nested items tabs - Project, Improvements, Incidents, Charts, and Tasks - on a custom layout template can now include multiple lists.

    You can have an “All” list panel shown which will display all items of that workflow nested under the parent.

    You can also have a list shown for each of the individual nested item panels that are on the main tab for each workflow.

    Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to take advantage of this new feature.

  • On custom layout templates, you can now add panels that contain multi-workflow lists.

    Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to take advantage of this new feature.

  • The nested item panels’ filters can now be configured on the template itself so that they do not have to be rebuilt for each new item of that type.

    Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to take advantage of this new feature.

  • You can now filter a list of items by time as well as day.

  • Users can now control whether a Board should be accessible by Frontline users or by Board users (if the Board module is enabled) by checking the relevant box(es) when editing a Board.


  • The look and feel of the Create/Edit Role screens was improved, as were the descriptions of each permission on those screens.

  • The name of the relevant series will now be listed on the Goal Gauge.

  • The “Parent” filter is no longer locked into the Nested Items panels on an item. Removing the “Parent” filter will cause all relevant items to be listed in this panel, not just those nested under the parent item.

  • Excel exports will now include Impact Attributes and Investment Attributes.

  • More quick options were added to the date calendars. You can now manually choose a date or choose between today, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 120 days, 180 days, or 1 year.

  • “Any” and “None” options have been added to the “Parent Type” filter.

  • The “Project/Improvement Attributes” header in the admin page is now simply called “Attributes.”

  • The Impact Summary now shows the totals for each financial impact type.


  • The “Your comment was acknowledged” flag now includes a link to the comments section.

  • The text of the action confirmation checkbox now reads “I understand this cannot be undone.”

  • An explanatory tooltip reading “Check here if you also want to be notified about items that are nested under a Project” was added to the “Include Projects?” checkbox on the “New Notification Preference” screen.

  • When copying an item, the filters on its nested item panels will be copied as well.

  • The new color pickers options now appear when updating icons in the Attribute and Level Type admin sections.

  • The “Calculated Series” fieldset on a Chart’s series is now a checkbox.

    When this box is checked, the series is calculated and the “Operator” field must be filled in before the series can be saved.

  • The Report Cards are now more responsive; when the Card is narrower, they resize and will no longer be cut off.


  • A bug was fixed which occasionally caused Bar Charts to have multiple bar segments on one data point.

  • Converting a parent item into another workflow will remove the parent/child relationship when applicable:

    • Projects and Charts can have any workflow as a child, so conversion into one of these workflows will not affect the child’s relationship with the parent.

    • Improvements and Incidents can have Tasks and Charts as children, so conversion into one of these workflows will not affect a child Task or Chart’s relationship with the parent, but the relationship will be removed if the child is a Project.

    • Tasks cannot have any children, so conversion into this workflow will cause the relationship between the new Task and any former children to be removed.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented changing a planned item from “Dependent On” to “Decide Later.”

  • A loading message will now appear after a bulk change is performed on a Nested Items panel.

  • Reports that are bucketed by week will no longer be missing the most recent week’s data.

  • A bug was fixed which caused the filter hover-over to be incomplete for the “User's Current Location” or “Current User” filters.

  • When building rows on a Chart and selecting a monthly step unit with the start date being the last day of the month, the built row’s dates will now be correct.

  • Emailed comment replies and submissions will no longer fail if containing an emoji.

  • Following the editing of an item from a different timezone than that in which the item was originally created, date fields will no longer be listed as updated when they were not actually updated.

  • A bug was fixed which caused the Attribute Report Card to lose its advanced filters when expanded.

  • If a milestone is blocking the “Planned” status, users will be unable to give the item a future start date.

  • After reopening a closed item, the icon will immediately become visible in its top right corner.

  • Converting an item with a Location or Person Attribute to a different type (that does not support those Attribute Types) will no longer result in a broken item.

  • Adding too many hidden series to a Chart Card or having series with too long of names will surpass the maximum character count of 255 and prevent the Card from saving.

  • The Chart Goal column will now display the correct values in the List View.

  • Changing the Goal series’ name will no longer the reset the Goal setting in the Chart options menu.

  • The User Participation Reports will no longer include Followers in their queries.

  • The donut chart on a Report Card will now display correctly on its initial load.

  • A bug was fixed which caused some items to truncate incorrectly.

  • Removing all the options on the “Users” filter on the Calendar will now show data for all users in the system, not just the current user.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented data from loading on some Cards in the List and Tree Views.

  • Clearing one alert from an item will no longer clear the other alerts present on that item.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented users from editing existing web links on their items.

  • If a comment’s submission fails due to a connection failure, the comment will no longer be lost and you can try submitting it again.

  • Special characters are now supported in a Chart’s series description.

  • A bug was fixed which occasionally caused information to be clearing during the submission of a Resolution.

  • A bug was fixed which caused Card’s secondary headers to occasionally not appear for some users.

  • Users can no longer create two series on a Chart with the same name.

  • A bug was fixed which caused some users to see an error message when declining a Task.

  • On the quantitative impact page, the “Due Date” field has been renamed “End Date.”

  • A bug was fixed which occasionally prevented converted item’s panels from being rebuilt properly.

  • When closing a Project, only Attributes set to be shown on the completion screen will be displayed there.

  • The “Cancel” button on the “Edit Card View” screen now correctly discards changes and closes the window.

  • A bug was fixed which occasionally cased Bar Charts to display bars that didn’t correlate to any data points.

  • The Time Tracking section is now included on PDF exports of templates with custom layouts.

  • People List Cards will now default to the Board’s default Location, will applicable.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented Tasks from being bulk changed after their parent was converted.

  • A bug was fixed which caused some embedded images to be poorly sized when a template with custom layout was exported as PDF.

  • If an empty Chart is given data, any Board containing that Chart on a Card will be automatically updated to reflect the changes.

  • A bug was fixed which caused filters to bounce on the screen for some users in certain cases.

  • If a Chart is set to use categories and there are rows with no category and no data for any column, those rows will be removed when saving. If the category label is blank but there is data entered in at least on of its columns, the user will be alerted that they cannot save their Chart until adding the missing category.

  • The “Restore to Role Preferences” button on the “Notification Preferences” screen will now only appear after a user has made a change successfully.

  • When hovering over the timeline entry about an updated AdHoc field, the columns will no longer overlap with the subjective column.

  • A bug was fixed which caused the Gantt View’s sort order to occasionally be thrown off.

  • Non-image files will now be displayed on Free Style Cards.

  • A bug was fixed which caused Attributes to be listed in the wrong order in some cases.

  • A bug was fixed which occasionally caused AdHoc fields to be cleared after the submission of a new item.

  • New Nested Board List Cards will now be added to the top left corner of Boards.