Release Notes

June 14, 2016 Release Notes

New Features

  • Milestones: Create a configurable workflow that you can overlay on top of an Improvement or Project. Reach out to your Customer Success lead to take advantage of this feature.

  • Convert!: Convert Improvements and Projects between any of your organization’s Improvement and Project types.

  • Configure when the “Require Assigner to approve Resolution” checkbox should be displayed. Reach out to your Customer Success lead to take advantage of this feature.

  • Customize when you want to be alerted about work done on Projects within KaiNexus. Projects have been added to the opt-in notification preferences.

  • Give users the ability to see new Improvements without allowing them to assign them.

  • “Favorite” a custom list to have it appear on the first level of the quick-filter.

  • Display attached images on the Improvement or Project’s main page.


Complete Release Notes


  • Multiselect drop-down menus will no longer close after you click one option. Choose all applicable options, then click “Done” at the bottom of the menu to close it.

  • The “people” drop-down menus have been altered to make it clear that the displayed list contains only your top 10 choices and that more people can be found by searching for their names.

  • Comments are now displayed in their entirety on the notifications screen.

  • Excel exports now include all selections when multiple options are chosen for an attribute type.

  • When editing a comment, you can choose to have it immediately emailed to someone.

  • There is now a Task and Project location quick-filter.

  • Clicking “Create List” on the Task quick-filter now opens a window with a “Filter Name” field.

  • Excel exports can now contain up to 5,000 Improvements.

  • The formatting of long titles on the Project tree view has been improved.

  • In the Improvement/Project detail views, when you make a change to an Improvement/Project that removes it from the list you’re looking at, it will now remain visible on the right side of the screen.

  • You will now be told that no matches were found when your search on a dropdown menu returns no results.

  • The “Account Lockout” message has been changed to make it easier for people to reset their passwords.

  • You no longer need to enter a reason when deleting a drafted Improvement.

  • Time Savings People can now be grouped in folders.

  • The name of the “Project Location” attribute was changed to make it clear that this location is where the Project “lives” for filtering, reporting, and notification purposes.

  • You can now edit and delete attachments on the “Create” screen.


  • A bug which caused a permission error message erroneously appeared when accessing certain Boards was fixed.

  • A bug which prevented the deletion of certain custom lists was fixed.

  • The vertical axis on the User Engagement Summary has been corrected.

  • Several bugs which caused certain Improvement types to have incorrect options and fields following an update to their template were fixed.

  • A bug which allowed Tasks to exist without a parent Project or Improvement after the parent was deleted - Tasks will now be deleted when their parents are deleted was fixed.

  • A bug which caused certain fields on a Project type to only be editable during its completion despite changed settings was fixed.

  • When you go to assign an Improvement you authored, “Myself” is now the first name listed.

  • The horizontal axis on the User Counts Report has been corrected.

  • A bug which caused various locking issues has been fixed.

  • The loading time of Tasks lists has been improved.

  • A bug which caused an immediate email to always be sent to the involved people when an Improvement was closed has been fixed.

  • The comment icon no longer wraps in the notifications window.

  • A bug which occasionally caused a timeout when resolving Improvements has been fixed.

  • A bug which prevented users from uploading a new logo on Internet Explorer was fixed.

  • A bug which prevented “Prevent Username” from being unchecked in the security settings was fixed.

  • A bug which allowed you to type in “deactivated” fields in Internet Explorer was fixed.

  • A bug which caused the wrong icon to be displayed on the Board drop-down menu was fixed.

  • A bug which caused dates on charts to be rolled back by one day in certain time zones was fixed.