Release Notes

January 6, 2016 Release Notes

New Features



Complete Release Notes


  • The filter to add a new Improvement to a Project is no longer displayed if the user has no Projects.

  • A “Submit Resolution” button was added to the Resolution area.
  • Hovering over the option to Plan or to Defer an Improvement or Project will open a tooltip defining each.

  • A completed Improvement or Project’s details can now be edited.

  • The layout of the "Location" page was improved.

  • The formatting of hover over messages was improved.

  • The Admin area was reorganized.

  • Tokens, such as links to reset your password, will now expire after 7 days instead of 3 days.

  • Network and Location lists will now be primarily sorted by level category and secondarily sorted by name.

  • The User Activity Report now includes Planned and Deferred columns.



  • A bug was fixed which allowed users to accidentally remove an Improvement from a Project.

  • A bug was fixed which made it impossible to open the Project Impact Summary from a modal.

  • Status Indicators will no longer be cut off next to the title of a Project’s Impact Report.

  • Dates in the Report Snapshot section will no longer be unselected when switching between views.

  • Quickly clicking between the vertical navigation bar options will no longer open the wrong one.