Release Notes

January 27, 2018 Release Notes

a lot


  • Introducing the biggest feature you didn’t know you needed: We’ve got a whole new Reporting section all about Attributes!

  • We have made a ton of improvements to the custom layout mechanics that give you way more control over how your template should look.

  • It’s now way easier to add an image to a Free Style Card. You can easily attach files - images and otherwise - to your Card.


Complete Release


  • You can now change the Locations of an item while still on the “Submit” screen. The Locations fields are listed under the “Team” section.

    The Originating Location(s) field will be automatically filled in with the Author’s Location. The Responsible Location(s) field will appear if a Responsible Person is assigned and will automatically be filled in with their Location.

  • Click and drag on any run chart to zoom into the selected area.

    Click “Undo Zoom” to go back to the previous view. If you zoom and then zoom again then click “Undo Zoom,” you will return to the first zoomed in view. If you click “Undo Zoom” again in this case, you will return to the default view and the “Undo Zoom” button will disappear.

  • When filtering a list by a Location, a “Location & Below” checkbox will now appear below that filter. Check this box to return items in the specified Location(s) as well as those Locations nested under it. Uncheck this box to return only items in the specified Location(s).

  • You can now add unicode emojis to your comments and to any markdown fields.

  • We’ve added a “Similar Items” functionality to every item.

    Click the magnifying glass near the status indicator to return a list of all similar Improvements and Projects in the system. You can also check the applicable boxes to add any similar Incidents, Tasks, People, and/or Charts to the list.

  • Attribute fields will no longer add an extra blank row unless the user clicks it.

  • Clicking inside a drop-down field will automatically open the drop-down menu.

  • Hovering over a workflow icon on the Notifications & Updates and quick search panels will now reveal the template's name.

  • Bowling Charts’ data columns will now be arranged in the following order: Target, Secondary, Actual.

  • When working with an item with a custom layout, if you click the “Edit” icon on any Details panel that does not include the title, parent, “require Assigner” requirement, privacy status, and/or Honor Roll, those options will not be displayed on the “Edit” screen.

  • If you notify or transfer an item, you will now see a confirmation message.

  • If you copy a Board, you’ll be automatically taken to the new copy.

  • The Participating Locations tooltip has been improved for clarity. Its first sentence now reads “Adding a Location here will allow every person in the Location and below to participate.”

  • Participating Users are now called “Participants.”

  • The Network will now automatically open with one level expanded.

  • A Chart’s legend displayed at the top or bottom of the Chart will now wrap instead of adding a scrollbar.

  • When viewing a Report, hover over the info icon near its title to reveal a description about the Report.

  • We’ve tweaked the appearance and layout of various buttons, Cards, and Reports throughout the system.


  • A bug was fixed which prevented start dates from being cleared when an active item was planned with the “Decide Later” option, causing the items to reactivate automatically when the start date was reached.

  • When adding a new People list Card to a Board, the filter window will now be called “Add People List Card.”

  • Report Cards will no longer immediately drop their Attribute filters.

  • A bug was fixed which caused the timeline to list unchanged fields as having been updated by a user who was editing other fields.

  • The Cost Savings and Revenue Generation resolution panels no longer include the Time Savings label and tooltip.

  • A bug was fixed which caused text to wrap in the middle of a word when using a narrowed Internet Explorer browser.

  • The arrow on the “Level Type” drop-down menu on the Network chart is now visible.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented the User Count over Time Report from getting updated for Locations nested below a Location with no users.

  • If a cookie theft exception occurs, the user will be taken back to the login page.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented a new item from automatically being nested under the parent it was created under if the “Parent” field was hidden on the template.

  • The front end maximum file size is now 15mb.

  • Dragging a file over a free text window no longer prevents you from dropping the file there.

  • A bug was fixed which caused Kanban Cards to double queries on the initial load of a Board.