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Inactivate a User

NOTE: Only User Administrators have the permissions to perform the functions detailed on this support page.


The Inactive User Type is best assigned to a User that no longer needs access to KaiNexus or is no longer with your organization. Inactivating a User allows you to maintain a record of the improvement work they participated in, but prevents them from accessing the system again. 


Please note that there is no way to permanently delete a User within KaiNexus; we simply inactivate them so that we preserve their history of improvement work!


Who can inactivate a User?


Only Users with the following permissions can inactivate a User: 

  • Global User Administrator


  • Local User Administrator (for Users in their specified location and below)


What happens when you inactivate a User?


Upon inactivating a User: 

  • The User’s User Type will change to “Inactive”


  • The User will no longer able to sign in to the system


  • The User cannot be added to the Team of any Item. However, if they were originally a part of the Team of an Item then they will remain on the Team until they are removed in some way


  • The User’s private Boards will no longer be accessible. 


  • The User’s Boards that are public but restricted to specific Users/Locations will still allow the specified Users/Locations to access that Board. Board Admins will also be able to see them in the Manage Boards window. 


  • The User’s private Items can still be accessed by Users with the permission “View Private Everywhere”


  • The User’s Draft Items will no longer be accessible, unless another User is already assigned to the Team of the drafted Item


  • The User will be excluded from the User criteria within the Advanced Filter


  • The User will not be included in any “By Person” Reports and “Engagement” Reports


  • The User will no longer receive any email notifications from KaiNexus

How do I inactivate a User?


NOTE: Inactivating a User does not permanently delete their account. They can be reactivated by changing their User Type.


To inactivate a User: 


  • Navigate to the “People” section (or the Users section within the Admin area)


    • Hover over the User you wish to inactivate so that they are highlighted blue
  • Click the on the right-hand side (or edit the User’s profile and change their User Type to inactive).


  • In the resulting window, click Inactivate to complete the inactivation


NOTE: To reactivate a User, please refer to this support page