Common Board Designs

Board Design: Huddle

One of the most common Boards built and used by our customers is a basic Huddle Board.


Huddle Boards enable teams to visualize the progress of improvement projects. Team members can discuss opportunities for positive change and work together to remove any impediments to improvement.

By putting your Huddle Boards in KaiNexus, you get those benefits without the limitations of a traditional physical board:

  • Remote workers and widely dispersed teams can be included in conversations and access the Board on their own.

  • All improvement work is captured in one place

  • The results of improvement can be measured over the long term and broadcast to the entire organization.

  • Leaders can track the improvement work of all departments, report on the organization’s efforts as a whole, and recognize and reward teams and individuals who are making the highest-value contributions.

For general information on creating a new Board, check out this support page .

For general information on adding new Cards, check out this support page .


How is the Board built out?

  • Huddle Boards often have a three column layout.

  • A Location filter is often included. Typically, the default Location is set to “User’s Current Location” (including the Location & below).

    If the people who will be accessing the Board need to quickly check on the health of the entire organization, setting a default Location may not be necessary.


What Cards are included?

Our customers typically include the following Cards, although you can configure the Cards to reflect the precise interests of your team.

  • To Do

    This Card displays any Improvements which are in the New or Planned statuses.


  • Doing

    This Card displays any Improvements which are in the Active or Overdue statuses.


  • Done

    This Card displays any Improvements which are in the Resolution Submitted or Complete statuses.


NOTE: Boards have a maximum card limit of 16. Once a board has 16 cards users cannot add or copy additional cards to that board.