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How to set an Attribute Value to a Network Location

NOTE: The Admin area is only accessible by administrators; only Quality Administrators can perform the functions detailed on this support page.

Attributes are extremely powerful throughout KaiNexus, but have you ever come across an Attribute drop-down with a rather lengthy list of available options? This can sometimes be a little overwhelming for your end-users and even potentially lead to the selection of an incorrect value. By assigning a Network Location to an Attribute Value, you can simplify what a User in that Network Location sees in the drop-down when they first click on that Attribute to populate it. 


How do I set an Attribute Value to a Network Location?

To set an Attribute Value to a Network Location:

  • Navigate to the Admin section .

  • Under Organization, click Attributes.


  • In the resulting page:

    • Find and click on the Attribute you wish to work with.


    • In the resulting page, you will see a list of the values for this specific Attribute.


    • On the far right-hand side of the page, hover over the value you wish to assign to a Location to and click the .


In the resulting window:

  • Near the bottom of the window, you will see a “Locations” field.


  • Select which Network Location(s) you wish to assign to this Attribute Value.

  • When you’re done, click .


By assigning a Location to this Attribute Value, this Value will initially appear for Users that are within the selected Network Location or within Locations nested below. This way you can only show relevant values for Users within a specific Network Location(s) as they initially click on the Attribute. 

NOTE: This does not prevent them from seeing or selecting the other values as there will be a option within the drop-down which will open up the list to show all of the possible values within that Attribute. To hide Attribute Values and prevent them from being selected altogether, please check out this support page on Archiving Attribute Values.


Let’s take a look at a quick example. We will work with our “Strategic Initiative” Attribute and have a User that is in the “Engineering” Network Location. 

Let’s say for Users in the “Engineering” Location, they only need to see these three values: “Service”, “Quality”, and “Safety”. By editing the Locations assigned to each of the Values using the method described above, we can narrow down the initial list of Attribute values. This way a User in the “Engineering” Location or a User in any one of the Locations below “Engineering” would see this Value(s) before seeing any of the others.

If we assign different Locations to the other Values then this would show different values initially depending on the Network Location you are in. 

With this example, a User in “Engineering” or below would see this list initially:

With this example, a User in “Human Resource Management” or below would see this list initially:

Clicking the within the drop-down will show all of the available values regardless of Location. 

PRO-TIP: You can easily see these Network Location(s) assigned to each Attribute Value by adding a column when viewing the list of Attribute Values. 

Simply, hovering over one of the column headers and clicking on the will open up a drop-down. If you hover over you will see a list of available options where you can check the boxes to add them as columns on the Attribute Value page. Check the box next to “Locations” to see the Location(s) that have been selected for each Attribute Value.

By default within the Attribute Value page in the Admin section, the list of Attribute Values will show only values within your current Location(s), so if you wish to see all values or values that are within a different Location make sure you filter it correctly with the Locations quick filter near the top of the page.