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Delete an Attribute Value or Folder

Permanently remove an Attribute Value or Folder from KaiNexus.

Two Line OfieCAUTION: When you delete an Attribute Value or Folder, it is permanently removed from KaiNexus and can not be recovered.

Two Line OfieThis support article is about Attribute Values. If you want to delete an Attribute Type — the Attribute itself, under which the Attribute Values are listed — reach out to your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

Attribute Values can be grouped under Folders for organizational purposes. These groupings will be represented in the Attribute drop-down when filtering a List of Items or creating or editing an Item.

What happens when an Attribute Value or Folder is deleted?

  • Delete Attribute Values and Folders will no longer appear as options when editing or creating Items, or when filtering a list of Items.
  • Deleted Attribute Values will still appear on Items to which they have been added until the next time that Item is edited. At that point, that Attribute Value will disappear from the Item and a new selection will need to be made.

Two Line OfieCAUTION: Any Attribute Values nested under a deleted Folder will also be deleted.

Who can delete an Attribute Value or Folder?

Anyone with the "Quality Administrators" permissions can delete Attribute Values and Folders.

People with other Administrator permissions may be able to access the Attribute Administration page, but will not be able to make changes to it.

Delete an Attribute Value or Folder

To delete an Attribute Value or Folder, navigate to the Attributes administration page, then click the name of the Attribute Type with which you want to work and the Attribute's individual administration page will open. By default, the Location(s) field will be filtering the list of existing Attribute Values by your Location(s).

Two Line OfieRemember: There are four types of Attributes: Weighted, Value, Location, and People. Only Weighted and Value Attributes can have Attribute Values and Folders associated with them.

Once you've opened the Attribute's individual administration page:

  • Hover over the Attribute Value or Folder you want to delete, then click the x icon that appears to its right.

An Attribute Types admin page with an arrow pointing to an Attribute Values x icon

  • In the resulting confirmation window, click the I understand this cannot be undone checkbox.
  • Click Delete.