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Change the organization's name

Configure how the name of your organization should appear in the navigation bar and in emails generated by KaiNexus.

Your organization's name is displayed in:

  • Emails sent to KaiNexus users from your organization, and
  • In the left corner of the navigation bar, unless hidden as part of your organization's work with the Branding Module.

This name will have been configured during your organization's initial setup with KaiNexus but can be updated at any time.

Who can change the organization's name?

Anyone with the "System Administrator" can access the General administration page and update the organization's name.

Change the organization's name

To change the organization's name, navigate to the General administration page, then:

  • Update the text in the Organization Name field to reflect the new name of your organization.
  • Click Save. You will need to sign out and then sign back into the system to see this change take effect.