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Edit a Certification or a Certification Folder

Certifications, or confirmation of a user's qualifications or education, are attributes that label and identify users so that other people in the system have a better understanding of who they are. These Certifications are created and maintained by your organization and, once created, can be assigned to any General, Capture, Offline, Setup, or Inactive users.

Certifications can be grouped under Certification Folders for organizational purposes. These groupings will be represented in the Certification drop-down when filtering a List of users or adding a Certification to a user's profile.

Two Line Ofie"Certification" is the default name of this user attribute. Your organization may have given this attribute a different name.

Who can edit a Certification or Certification Folder?

Anyone with the "Global User Administrator" permission can edit Certifications and Certification Folders.

People with other Administrator permissions may be able to access the Certifications Administration page, but will not be able to make changes to it.

Edit a Certification or Certification Folder

To edit a Certification or Certification Folder, navigate to the Certifications administration page, then:

  • Hover over the Certification or Certification Folder you want to edit so that it's highlighted blue, then click the pencil icon that appears to its right.

The Certifications admin page with an arrow pointing to a Certications edit button

  • The Edit Certification or Edit Certification Folder window will open. Update the following information as necessary:
    • Name (required): The name will be used to identify this Certification or Certification Folder.
    • Description: Enter an optional description in this field. The description will appear when hovering over the Certification or Certification Folder's name in the list of Certifications.
    • Icon: Click one of the listed icons to select it and the icon's code will automatically appear in the "Icon Code" field, or follow the link under the "Icon Code" field, select the icon you want to use, and copy and paste its icon code into the Icon Code field.

      This icon will appear next to the Certification or Certification Folder when editing or creating a user or filtering a list of users.
      • Color: Expand this drop-down to select the color that should be used for the Certification or Certification Folder's icon. Click Save on the drop-down to confirm your selection.

        If this Certification or Certification Folder doesn't have an icon configured, this option will have no effect.
    • Click Save.