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Edit a Certification or a folder

The Admin page is only accessible by administrators; only Global User Administrators can perform the functions detailed on this support page.


How do I edit a Certification?

Navigate to the "Certifications" admin page, then:

  • Hover over the Certification or folder you want to edit so that it is highlighted blue.

  • Click  to its right.


In the resulting window:

  • Edit the name of the Certification or folder.

  • (**Optional**) Edit the description. This description will appear when you hover over the Certification or folder when editing or creating a user. This is helpful if you want other User Administrators to understand to what exactly it refers before they add it to someone's profile.

  • (**Optional**) Choose an icon (follow the given instructions to find an appropriate icon). This icon will appear next to the Certification or folder when editing or creating a user or filtering a list of users. It's helpful for when people are quickly skimming a long list of Certifications.

  • (**Required only if you chose an icon**) Pick a color for the selected icon.

  • Click .