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Customize User Attributes

Customize your organization’s default Users Attributes for more flexibility when it comes to defining your Users in KaiNexus.

Callout Ofi-1REQUIRED: Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to take advantage of this feature.

What is a User Attribute?

The main purpose of an Attribute is to tag, categorize, and filter. When working with People Lists—in the People section or in a People List Card—you can filter by specific User Attributes. 

By default, your four User Attributes are:

PRO TIP: By default, a User Attribute will allow Users to assign Person Attributes to the following User Types: Superuser, General, and Capture. However, an organization can request that we restrict a User Attribute Type so that only users of a certain User Type can be added.

Once the default User Attribute has been changed by your Customer Experience Lead, you may add, edit, or remove any of the values for these User Attributes in the Admin area, similar to creating an Attribute Value .


Here is just one example where we change the default ‘Certifications’ attribute to be called ‘Countries’:

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