Board Actions

Copy a Board

Make a copy of an existing Board if you need to create a similar one.

If you want to make a new Board that is largely based on an existing one, you probably don't want to recreate the whole Board just to make a few changes. Instead, copy the existing Board and adjust the copy as you see fit.

When a Board is copied:

  • The original Board will be unaffected.
  • The new Board:
    • Will be private. That means that only you will have access to it unless you update its configuration and share it.
    • Will be a top-level Board. It's won't inherit the original Board's parent.
  • You will be the new Board's Owner.

Who can copy a Board?

Anyone who can view the Board and has the "Create Boards" permission can make a copy of an existing Board.

What information will be copied?

  • The Board's Cards, including their header configuration
  • The Board's general settings (except for the parent), layout, and filters
  • The default header configuration

Ofie Profile PicIf your Board has a Comment Card, only the Card itself will be copied onto the new Board. The Comments on the Card will not. 

Copy a Board

Open the Board with which you want to work, then:

  • Click Actions in the top right corner of the Board.

A Board with an arrow pointing to the +Add button

  • Click Copy in the resulting drop-down menu and the Copy confirmation window will open.
    • Click Copy. The new Board will be created and open automatically.