Contact account support

If you have activated your account and know your username and password but still cannot access the system, you'll need to contact account support for help.

How do I contact account support?

  • First, go to your organization’s KaiNexus sign-in screen. The URL is unique to your organization. 
  • Click Can't access your account? at the bottom of the sign-in screen.

Cant access your account

  • In the resulting Help window, click Contact Account Support.

Contact Account Support

  • In the resulting Account Support window, enter your First Name and Last Name.
    • OPTIONAL: Enter your role/title (within your organization), username (if known), phone number, email, phone number, location, and comments describing your issue. While you are not required to enter this information, it can be very useful for the people creating your account.

Peter Parker Example

  • Check the CAPTCHA box to confirm that you're not a robot.
    • Robots may need help too, but they can data mine our support articles for troubleshooting tips. Cyborgs (humans with cybernetic enhancements) are more than welcome to contact account support!
  • Click Submit. This will close the Request Account window and take you back to the login screen. A message will appear confirming that your request has gone through. 

Account Request Submitted
What happens when I contact account support?

Your request will be sent to your organization’s support team or, if there is no such team, to the KaiNexus support team, who will confirm with your organization. A member of the support team will email you as soon as possible.

Spiderman Account Support Request
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