Release Notes

April 26, 2019 Release Notes

Release Highlights


Complete Release Notes


Simple Header Toolbar

  • You can now search for Boards in the quick search.

  • Creating a new Item will automatically select the first open field, removing a click to enter text.

  • The Impact tab in the “User Profile - View Activity ” section has been enhanced to show all workflows.


  • Tooltips have been added to the Status Picker that describes each action.

  • Custom placeholder text will now show in both the Submit/Edit window and the Work Panel.

  • Adding a Chart Thumbnail within a text area field will now read “Add Chart Thumbnail.”

  • Attributes and Number Fields can now be added to Ad-Hoc fields.

  • Comment fields have been adjusted to automatically grow when large amounts of text are used.

  • The “Email now” option on Comments will now be remembered as a user preference.

  • Text wrapping in Files, Links, and Weighted Scores has been adjusted to accommodate longer titles.

  • A blue “Complete” button has been added to the Dates section of items with no resolution and have due dates populated.

  • A tooltip has been added to the “Require Resolution Approval” checkbox that may show up when assigning Improvements.

  • Icons have been added to the “Convert ” window signifying the types of workflows available.

  • Fields and Attributes will automatically be matched to the same Fields and Attributes when converting an Item.

  • Long text on the Convert window will now wrap.

  • “A4 (8.3x11.7)” size paper has been added as an option for “Save PDF” .

  • “Custom” has been added as an option for “Save PDF ” to allow adding more content in a page.

  • PDFs have been enhanced to reduce whitespace, improve layout, and to have more options for saving and removing sections of the Item.

  • Attribute Notes will now show up on PDF and XLSX exports.

  • Ghost text on the Assign window for “Responsible” will now read “Required.”

  • Participating Locations on Projects will now be accessible by clicking the  icon in the “Edit Team” window.


  • Goal Calculator Panels can now be added to Charts utilizing Custom Layout.

  • Text wrapping on the “Visible Series” section of the “Chart Options” window has been adjusted.

  • The default yellow color for the Second Threshold has been adjusted to be easier to read.


  • A tooltip has been added to Network Location names in the Location Panel on Boards, People, and the Reporting section.

  • A support site link has been added to the “Edit Slideshow” window.

  • Slideshow mode now has an option to automatically scroll down on tall Boards.

  • Users can now add a description to the Primary and Secondary Headers of Cards which will be visible in the tooltip.

  • Hovering over a status color will now show the name of the Status.

  • Primary and Secondary Header background colors can now be displayed as gradients.

  • Columns in List and Tree View on the Edit Card View window can now be fully cleared or copied between Card and Expanded View.

  • Users can now add multiple columns in the “Edit Card View” window when adding new columns instead of having to do so one at a time.

  • Language around Dates are now more consistent in the Work Panel, Filter, and the List /Tree “Edit Card View” window.


  • A new filter option has been added to show Items that have Files or Links.

  • The “Last Comment” column in List /Tree View will now show the comment author, date, and time.

  • Collaborators, Participants, and Participating Locations have been added as column options in List /Tree View.

  • Participating Location has been added as a filter option.

  • Hours Saved and Soft Time Savings for Forecast, Target and Actual Investments, and Impacts have been added to List /Tree View as column options.

  • Financial Impact columns, including Forecast, Target, and Actual, will total in List View at the bottom of the column.

  • Wrap text has been added as an option in List /Tree View.


  • The Item Status Report has been renamed to Activity Over Time Report.

  • The dates in the Activity Over Time Report can now be changed to reference Create, Start, Due, and Complete.

  • The Activity Over Time Report can toggle between Total and Status view.

  • The “Nested Projects”/”No Nested Projects” option on the Impact by Project Report has been changed to a checkbox that reads "Aggregate Location and Below."

  • Engagement by Location Report is now able to be toggled between “Grid” and “Chart” View.

  • Attribute Reports will now reflect the colors selected for each Attribute Value.


  • New tooltips have been added to the General section of the Admin menu.

  • A tooltip has been added to the New Login Notice window directing users to the support site.

  • The intro message on a new user activation email is now configurable.

  • Collapse and expand has been added to the Admin Network Area and is a User Preference. 

  • A tooltip for “View Impact” in the Admin Roles section has been updated to more clearly describe the permission.

  • Confirmation on the “Edit Password” window will now read “Save”.



  • A bug was fixed which misaligned users in a PDF when users were in the same team role.

  • A bug was fixed that caused the Activity Over Time Report drill down to show inaccurate numbers because of partial months.

  • A selected currency will no longer switch when selecting a new impact type.

  • A spelling error in the timeline was fixed.

  • Activation emails will now be sent to Frontline Users during a bulk activation.

  • A bug was fixed which showed incorrect information under “Templates role can submit”.

  • The filtering in the Total Completed area of the Impact Summary Report has been fixed to only include items completed with resolution enabled.

  • The Improvements icon has been updated in the Links section.

  • A bug has been fixed which caused items without nested items to load slow.

  • A bug was fixed in which closing the User Profile window before it finished loading caused rendering issues.

  • Typing in the Badges filter of the people section will now generate results.

  • Items can now be completed from the Smart Notification Flag Area.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented the Impact Over Time Report from expanding when the report from a Board.

  • The Impact Over Time Report on a Board will now read “There is No Data to Display” when users do not have the proper permissions.

  • Charts can now be toggled to Private on the Create screen.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented cards on a Board from loading when both the Location and Card Filters were enabled.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented available items from showing in the dropdown in an X-Matrix until the user entered text.

  • A bug was fixed which showed incorrect Attribute Value titles in the Attribute Summary.

  • The current user will no longer be added by default to the “Email Now” option of comments when the user has multiple Team Roles on the item.

  • Opening a custom list and changing the filter will no longer create a new custom list.

  • Users can no longer create a Level Type that does not have a name.

  • The “Create X-Matrix” window will now have a scroll bar when the window is larger than the screen size.

  • A bug was fixed which kept a tooltip on a card filter visible for too long.

  • Charts will no longer add data markers to blank data points.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented Charts from saving when changing the name of a calculated data series.

  • A bug was fixed which caused Items to load unsuccessfully in specific instances.

  • Dashboard section layout columns will now align when using multiple sections.

  • Users can now no longer copy a card with a deleted chart.

  • Updating the filter of a card in the expanded view will no longer change the card on a Board.

  • A bug was fixed in which a timezone issue caused the uneven placement of empty rows on a chart.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented tooltips from showing in fields until the field has been edited.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented board drag and drop scrolling after switching boards.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented custom layouts from properly exporting to PDF.

  • Proper currencies will now show in List/Tree View depending on default currencies.

  • A bug was fixed which caused the scroll bar to cover text in a custom layout panel in certain conditions.

  • A bug was fixed which showed duplicate data for charts in specific cases.

  • The “$” sign will now show in the Financial Impact column of Lists on PDFs.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented sorting a list by Attribute, Field, or Score with Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.

  • A bug was fixed which caused drag and drop errors when moving a card too quickly between columns.

  • Chart icons will now show up in PDFs.

  • The title field will now autofocus on the create screen.

  • A bug was fixed which added extra characters to the status tooltip in the notification window.

  • Milestones will now align with the Status and Dates in Detail View.