Release Notes

April 25, 2016 Release Notes

New Features


Complete Release Notes


  • When assigning a Task to yourself, you are no longer given the option to “Request” your own assistance.

  • If you select the “Delete” notification preference, you can only get notified via email - not via a flag.

  • When selecting a custom list of people to notify about a resolved Improvement you can choose to notify all people in a location with a certain Role.

  • When sorting a list of users by Role, you can now sort by “No Roles.”

  • The “Advanced” section was removed from the Create Task window.

  • The “Advanced” options were simplified on the Create Improvement window.

  • The Reports descriptions were improved.

  • The button at the bottom of the digest email now reads “Sign In.”

  • The coloring on the User Engagement by Role Report was changed to be more uniform with the rest of the colors in the app.

  • The drill-downs from the Impact Summary Report are now implemented correctly.

  • When you drag an attachment onto the Create Improvement or Project windows, a small number now appears next to the paperclip icon in the bottom left corner to let you know it's been attached



  • Excel exports now work in Safari.

  • You can now enter a value of “0” in the "Safety Advanced" outcome field.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented No Change results from showing up on a filtered list of Improvements.

  • You can now download a PDF of an Improvements with an authorless comment.

  • The comment field no longer shrinks when you click “Email now.”

  • You will no longer be notified when an Improvement draft is added to or deleted from your Project.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented users from removing dates from filters.

  • A bug was fixed which sometimes caused the wrong location qualifier to be added to a Role.

  • “Overdue” is no longer listed under “Additional” when filtering a list of Projects.

  • A bug was fixed which hid Improvements transferred into a new department on certain lists.