Release Notes

April 10, 2017 Release Notes

New Features


Complete Release Notes


  • When someone in multiple Locations submits a Project, they’ll be prompted to edit or confirm the Project’s locations mirroring how it works with Improvements.

  • We’ve added Captcha to the “Request and account” and the “Request Support” forms to avoid spam. We hate spam.

  • The Location Improvement Activity Board and User Improvement Activity Board Reports have been enhanced. They now include a beautiful status bar depicting the statuses of all Improvements in that Location or affiliated with that person, respectively. Additionally, we made the Change % a graphical widget.
  • You can now filter the User Counts Over Time Report by Location.

  • Four new Reports have been added under the “Activity” header: User Project Activity Board, Location Project Activity Board, Project Statuses, and Location Project Cycle Time Board. These Reports are the same as their Improvement counterparts, but display data about Projects instead of Improvements.

  • We have added a reports section for our customers that use the Incident Add-on. A new Five Reports are included under this header: Incident Curve, User Incident Activity Board, Location Incident Activity Board, Incident Statuses, and Location Incident Cycle Time Board. These Reports are the same as their Improvement counterparts, but display data about Incidents instead of Improvements.

    NOTE: You must have the Incident Add-On to see these new Reports.

  • You can now add a Chart List Card to any Board you can edit. This is really valuable if you are using the new Control Charts feature as you can filter the card by Charts that are “out of control.”

  • If a login notice is so long that it gets cut off, you can now hover over it to display the full title.

  • Large lists of Improvements and Projects were tuned up so they should now load more quickly.

  • You can now email a comment to yourself via the “Email Now” field.

  • The size of the text on the Impact Summary Card was made smaller to prevent overlap.


  • A bug was fixed which excluded Sponsors from the default value in the “Email Now” field.

  • A bug was fixed which caused the “Toggle Private” permission influence Projects as well as Improvements.

  • A bug was fixed which occasionally caused the digest email to not be sent out.

  • A bug was fixed which allowed general users to copy certain cards to any Board, regardless of their own edit permissions on that Board.

  • A bug was fixed which caused the “Expand Projects” setting on a Project Card in the Tree View to not be applied.