3.x Release Notes

KaiNexus 3.1.5 Release Notes

January 19th, 2024

Forget resolutions; we are giving you instant upgrades to kick off 2024. This release is a game-changer packed with enhancements that will blow your mind. New Reports. New Widget features. Milestone and Chart improvements. We are even sneaking in a couple of ways to make your Boards more colorful and dynamic. No matter who you are, you’ll find something special in this release to help you dominate the new year. 

Release Highlights

  • Creating Charts is quicker and easier than ever. You’ll no longer need to pick a Chart Type while creating a new Chart; you can decide later, giving you more flexibility while entering data. In addition, we reduced the number of clicks you’ll need before you can start building a Chart. Use the Add Data button on the Chart Create Screen to input data immediately. 
  • Do you wish there was a better way to visualize and track Milestones in the same process phase? Your wish is granted with our latest addition to the Milestones Module: Stage Gates. Stage Gates help you group Milestones, visually organize complex approval sequences, and track processes holistically rather than relying on individual Milestones. If you love Milestones, don’t forget to ask your Customer Success Manager about Stage Gates. 
  • It’s time to start reporting on Milestones. We are introducing two new entries to our Reporting suite: Activity by Milestone and Impact by Milestone Reports. These Reports will help you identify which Milestones might be causing bottlenecks and take action on Milestones tied to the greatest Impact. 
  • We are welcoming a new Widget Type to our collection: Counter Widgets. Counter Widgets help you count the number of days or hours since certain events occurred, making them an excellent tool for tracking the frequency of incidents, issues, and more. You can even use them to count down or up to specific dates. Try adding one to a team Board when there is an upcoming event everyone should know about. 
  • Two more exciting features are coming to Widgets. You can now copy Widgets to the same Card, saving time when creating many similar Widgets. You can also set Thresholds for Widgets that display numerical values. When the value reaches your custom Threshold, it will change color, giving you visual indications when metrics aren’t met.
  • Boards are becoming even more beautiful this year. You can now customize the color of Card borders, giving you more visualization options. 



  • Creating Charts is quicker and easier than ever. You can now add data on the Create Screen of a Chart, reducing the number of clicks required before inputting data. 
  • You no longer need to decide which type of Chart you are building before creating the Chart itself. We removed the sub-menu that appears when you select a Chart Template from the Create Button. Now, you will determine whether you want a Bar, Line, Bowling, Threshold, Control, or Pareto Chart while entering data, giving you more flexibility after creating the Chart.  
  • Say goodbye to unsaved data entries. You will now receive a warning when you attempt to close the Edit Chart Data window with unsaved changes. 


  • Get ready to make your Boards even more beautiful. You can now customize the color of Card borders. 


  • Please welcome our newest Widget Type: Counter Widgets. These Widgets help you count the number of days or hours since certain events occurred, making them a great tool for tracking the frequency of incidents, issues, and more. You can even use them to count down or up to specific dates. Do you have an upcoming event you want the team to know about? Try adding a Counter Widget to your team’s Board.  
  • Have you ever spent a lot of time building a Card with many Widgets? We are making it easier to build Widgets in bulk by introducing the ability to copy Widgets. Instead of reentering the same filters repeatedly, you can now copy a Widget to the same Card. After making whichever adjustments you need, you’ll have more Widgets in less time. 
  • Widgets are getting smarter - and more colorful. You can now add up to three customizable Thresholds to Widgets that display numerical values: Item Count, People Count, Goal, Counter, and Impact Widgets. When the Widget’s value reaches your customized Threshold, it will change color, giving you a clear visual indication when metrics are or aren’t met. 
  • You can now filter Widgets by Impact Attributes, allowing you to use Widgets to display Impacts based on their custom tag. 


  • Have you ever wanted to track statuses and Item counts for your Milestones? Now you can. The Activity by Milestone Report is a great way to see which Milestones need action and where bottlenecks occur in your approval processes. 
  • We are also introducing the Impact by Milestone Report, which shows you the amount of Impact associated with each of your Milestones. This Report will help you identify which Milestones connect to various project outcomes and help you take action on high Impact Items.  
  • We are correcting Impact Reports so that every time they display “Dollars,” they will now display “Currency,” helping Reports be correct no matter which currency you use. 
  • On Impact Reports, you can now add Total, One-Time, and Recurring columns for Impact Categories that didn’t previously have these options, such as Total Financial Impact, Financial Impact, and Time Savings.


  • We added a new feature to the Milestones Module to help you better organize your Milestones: Stage Gates. Stage Gates are a way to group Milestones in the same process phase, helping you visualize complex approval sequences and track projects holistically rather than relying on individual Milestones. Ask your Customer Success Manager for help setting up Stage Gates.  
  • With the introduction of Stage Gates, we are also adding the ability to filter for Items based on whether a certain Stage Gate is Active, Not Started, or Complete, helping you monitor progress based on a group of Milestones rather than individual approvals. 
  • When you have a Template utilizing Stage Gates, you can add a Stage Gate column to Item Lists, helping you see which Stage Gate is currently active for each Item in the List. PDF and XLSX exports will support this column. 
  • Milestones will now turn orange when their Ready or Approval Deadline is within the next five days. 
  • We updated the logic of which Milestone Deadline appears in the Milestone column of an Item List to ensure you always see the most relevant information. 
  • When a Milestone has an overdue Ready or Approval Deadline, you will see a red icon in the Milestone column of your Lists, indicating the Milestone is past due. 
  • If a Milestone flow exceeds the width of the Panel, the flow will scroll instead of wrap. 
  • We made a width adjustment to the date field that appears when you set specific Milestone Deadlines.
  • We added a “Current Milestones” column to XLSX exports of Items and Item Lists. The column will include all Milestones in the current Order and their statuses. 
  • We added the User Search to a couple more places where you might need it: the Approver field in Milestone windows and the Milestone Status filter. 
  • You can now filter for Milestones that have no unapproved Milestones before them in the flow. Select the “Only Current” checkbox in the Milestone Status filter. The resulting filter will return only Items where your specified Milestone isn’t waiting for a previous Milestone to be approved.

Item Lists

  • You can now customize the default Item List columns for your organization. Every new Custom List, Item List Card, Nested Item List, and Item List opened from a Report or Widget will automatically display your chosen columns. Don’t worry - changing the defaults won’t affect any Lists with modified columns. Find this customization option on the General administration page. 
  • PDF exports of Item Lists will now include Attribute notes. If you don’t want the note in your export, you can exclude it in the print options.


  • We added the ability to complete an Item on the Create Screen without having Resolution enabled. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you’d like to enable this feature on a Template. 
  • We now have more flexibility regarding when the “Review in future?” question appears while completing an Item. You can now pose this question when Resolution is disabled and turn it off when Resolution is enabled. 

User Profile

  • We made a couple of helpful updates to the Activity Feed displayed in your User Profile. It will now show the past 90 days of activity (increased from 30!) and clearly state if you do not have any recent activity to display. 


  • We improved the performance of the Template Quick Filter on the Translations administration page, helping translations load quicker when you filter for a specific Template. 


  • We are introducing a new way to filter X-Matrix Cards. When you hover over an Item in an X-Matrix, you will see an option to “View only correlated Items.” Selecting this option will filter the X-Matrix so only rows correlated to your selected Item appear. This filter will help you focus on key portions of a complex structure, making X-Matrices easier to digest.  
  • Hovering over a row in an X-Matrix will now highlight correlated rows in all four quadrants, helping you visualize associations across the entire X-Matrix.


  • We made performance improvements to the Search Bar for Users with no recently viewed Items.


  • We upgraded to Froala 4.1.4 to ensure the Formatting Toolbar remains current.


  • We fixed a bug limiting the number of Items you can export during a JSON API call. 
  • Attribute selections will no longer be missing from Items created in a Nested Item Panel with an Attribute Value filter applied. 
  • We fixed a bug that mislabeled customized Team Role names while editing Item List columns. 
  • Milestone notes no longer get cut off when certain Users view them.  
  • Optional Milestones triggered by Financial Impacts will now respect the Impact’s currency before appearing on an Item. 
  • We fixed a bug preventing some Milestones from being approved when they have an Impact Change Unset Action.
  • We fixed a bug causing the “Current Year” date range to function incorrectly in certain Bowling View Impact Reports. 
  • XLSX exports of Impact by Impact Value Reports no longer have missing data in certain columns. 
  • We fixed a bug causing certain Impact Reports in Bowling View not to respect the Impact Location filter. 
  • The “Did This Result in Change” question asked in Item Resolutions will no longer appear when the Template has no Impact Types or No Change Reasons configured.  
  • We fixed a bug causing certain Report Cards to display incorrect Team Role filters in the expanded view.  
  • The Currency field in Impact Widgets will now display your default currency instead of a validation error. 
  • We fixed a bug creating unnecessary blank space on certain X-Matrix Cards. 
  • Gantt and Tree View Lists will now respect your settings for how many Items should appear on each List page. 
  • Item Lists will not show Stage Gate as an available column when no Stage Gates are configured. 

Ofie Profile PicNote for KaiNexus Champions: Data in the Alt and Alt-2 sandboxes will not be refreshed this release. The Alt-3 sandbox will be refreshed.