3.x Release Notes

3.0.2 Release Notes

March 25, 2022

Table of Contents

Release Highlights

In the Northern Hemisphere, the March equinox welcomes warmer weather, increased daylight, and those famous Texas wildflowers; there’s even an extra spring in our step thanks to all the new features in this release! For those in the Southern Hemisphere, the March equinox marks the start of autumn, and we’re confident that you’ll fall in love with 3.0.2, too! Here are some highlights of our 3.0.2 release:

  • It’s the integration you’ve been waiting for since day one! Well, more like day two, since this new feature was the second enhancement request ever entered into KaiNexus. We’re proud to announce that you can now use Calendar View to feed a filtered list of Items directly from KaiNexus into your Google or Outlook calendar! It’s a budding romance that was meant to be from the start (literally!). 
  • Put the petal to the metal with our new Activity Feed Card and define the activity that appears in the Card’s feed. For example, you can set the Activity Feed Card to show all Milestone updates and approvals for your organization's A3 Templates. It’s a customizable anything timeline in Card form! 
  • Stacks on stacks on stacks… of Cards! Maximize space on your Boards by consolidating Cards into Stacks. Stacked Cards allow you to have different Cards on the same space on a Board with a highly efficient footprint and no reduction in performance. Drag and drop your Cards to stack them!
  • Craving simplicity for visualizing Chart data in an Item List? Select “Chart Only” while in Detail View to hide everything but the Status color, title, attachments, and Parent icon for each Chart in the List. What a re-leaf!

Last, bud not certainly not least, 3.0.2 introduces default print settings for Boards and Templates. Users with access to print that Board or Items of that Template Type can choose to print with the defined default settings, or they can choose to customize the settings before printing. The functionality is iris-istible! 



  • When resolving an Item, you can now copy Target and Forecast Impact values logged on the Item to the Resolve screen. For example, if you’ve already logged a Forecast value of $1,500 on an Item prior to resolving it, you can pull that Impact data to the Resolve screen and make any necessary changes to the existing value (and add any new Impact values!) before completing the Item. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to enable this time-saving feature!
  • Daylight Savings is here, and so are new enhancements for Time Savings People Resolution. When calculating Total Impact of an Item, the “Annualized” line within a Resolution panel will now respect the advanced configuration of hours, days, and weeks per year for the Time Savings Person. This is especially helpful for calculating the Impact of Users who do not work standard hours per day or weeks per year. 


  • Users can now subscribe to a KaiNexus calendar customized to their liking using their Google or Outlook calendars. Easily visualize the Start and Due Dates of those Items so you know when to take action in KaiNexus! 


    • The new Activity Feed Card is a customizable timeline in Card form. Select what type of activity you want to highlight within the feed including Comments, Escalations, Status transitions, Team updates, and more! You can even apply the Item, User, and Date Range Filters to further refine the activity results. 
    • Drag and drop your Cards to consolidate them into a Stack! By default, the most recent Card added to the Stack will appear at the bottom of the Stack, but new menu options allow you to rearrange Card order within the Stack. Confidently cycle through a Stack without a reduction to Board performance since Stacked Cards are only loaded as they’re accessed. 
    • When copying a Card to a Board, the new copy will no longer have the “Copy of” title prefix. For example, if you copy a Card called “Executive Summary”, the new copy will also be named “Executive Summary” (instead of “Copy of Executive Summary”).
  • Location, location, location! Now you can set Location(s) for individual Cards. The Location(s) of the Card will govern whether or not the content of the Card is shown on a Board according to the Board Location Filter. Setting a Card Location is not required and if no Location is defined, the Card will be available/shown for all Locations.
  • Open up the “Permissions” menu option on a Card to add Editor(s) to that Card and allow the selecte User(s) to make edits to that specific Card. 
  • With the new Card Administrator advanced System Role permission, Users gain the ability to edit Cards on Boards within the selected Locations, even if they do not have access to edit the Boards.


  • Item Lists, Item List Cards, and nested Item List panels set to Detail View now have a “Chart Only” option. Select “Chart Only” to give your Charts a more simplified view that focuses on the Chart data.
  • Bowling Chart thumbnails will now appear in text Fields. Click on any Chart thumbnail (yes, even Bowling!) in a text Field to open that Chart’s Item page. 


  • Now for a little User experience update to the User filter! We reordered the User Filter for ease of use; you’ll find the most popular criteria at the top of the User filter and as a bonus, we grouped like criteria together. Check it out the next time you’re working in the People section or within a People List Card.
  • Don’t feel blue! We standardized the filter icon across the app so that when a filter is applied, the filter icon will turn blue. If no filter is applied, the icon will remain gray. 


  • Starting April 22, 2022, KaiNexus will no longer support Internet Explorer 11. Microsoft stopped supporting you. RIP old browser. Make sure your browser is up-to-date


  • Users with Board Editor permissions will now be able to define default print settings on Boards. Users with print access for that Board can choose to print with the defined default settings, or they can choose to customize the settings before printing.
  • Users with a System Role that grants them the Quality Administrator permission will be able to define default print settings for each of your Templates. Users with print access for Items of that Template can choose to print with the defined default settings, or they can choose to customize the settings before printing.


  • In 3.0.2, we're introducing the "Participate" permission to System Roles. Users must have the “Participate” permission for a specified Workflow/Template in order to be added to the Team of Items of that Workflow/Template. For example, you can specify that only Users with the “Department Leader” System Role can be added to the Team of an A3. 


  • It’s time for some spring cleaning! We’re clearing out the cobwebs of our browser experience and lightly dusting off the KaiNexus Mobile App. In the web version, we tidied up areas that said “Advanced Filter” and “Additional Filters”, and will now be referred to as “Item Filters” throughout the app. As for mobile, the “Notification Cleared” toast will no longer interfere with the view of your next Notification.


We’re turning over a new leaf! Here are some bugs that are turning into beautiful butterflies just in time for wildflower blossoms:

  • It’s nice to have some padding when rollerblading or mountain biking, but not when scrolling to the bottom of an Item List Card. We fixed a bug that caused too much padding to appear after scrolling to the bottom of Item List Cards in List and Tree View. 
  • With great power comes great responsibility, and for some reason, Responsible Locations got a little power-hungry. We fixed a bug that caused the “Responsible Locations” Field to show up prematurely on the Create screen for Items still in the New Status. P.S.—The Responsible Locations Field should only appear when an Item is ready to be assigned.
  • We fixed a bug that caused a lag when expanding a Board Location Filter. 
  • Call it a professional disagreement? Items Lists would not load if certain Items were a part of the List. After a quick mediation with HR, they’ve set aside their differences and are happy to work together once again. 
  • Item Lists sure can hold a grudge! With certain Users, if you clicked to pull their List of Items, you received an error message. One more mediation with HR and Item Lists have forgiven those Users and even admitted they had some really great ideas! 
  • Oh, the irony! Instead of respecting custom tooltip text, the Advanced Team Author tooltip didn’t display a text description. Maybe it was shy about getting published? Thanks to the encouragement of the development team, it’s no longer shy.
  • We fixed some issues that occurred when importing Items with an Author-enabled Advanced Team.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented saving the Filter settings in some situations.