Recommended IT Configuration

Which browsers are supported in KaiNexus?

Support Browsers

Users will not be able to access KaiNexus from an unsupported browser, so it’s important that all Users have the appropriate browsers installed on their systems.


NOTE: If you receive an error message from KaiNexus that your browser is unsupported or out of date, please contact your organization's IT team so that they may assist you. 


What URLs and email addresses do I need to permit?

  • Your organization’s unique login URL (eg. yourcompanyname.kainexus.com)

  • support.kainexus.com (Support URL)

  • do-not-reply@prod.kainexus.com (Automated system and activation emails)

  • vimeopro.com/kainexus (Support videos)

  • support@kainexus.com (Support emails)

  • prod.kainexus.com (System emails)

  • kainexus3.kainexus.com (System emails)


What internal links to KaiNexus should I set up?

Many of our clients choose to set up various internal links to KaiNexus so that their people never lose their unique login URL. We recommend creating:

  • An intranet link

  • A desktop shortcut on everyone’s work computer

  • A browser bookmark on everyone’s work computer (in a supported browser)