2.x Release Notes

2.5 Release Notes

February 5, 2021



Release Highlights


Whether you are still going strong or gave up in the first week of January, what's one thing that all of our New Year's resolutions have in common? They center around improvement! That’s why we’re starting off the new year strong with 16 new improvements in our 2.5 release: 


  • The KaiNexus Mobile App brings improvement to your fingertips. Create, view, and edit improvements whenever (and wherever!) inspiration strikes. Use the search feature to find the Item you need, and stay up-to-date with the new notifications tab. Available for iOS and Android. 


  • Ancient calendars were invented to track seasons and farming schedules, but modern problems require modern solutions. Track your seasons and farming schedules with KaiNexus’ all-new Calendar View, and use custom filters to show important due dates (like the last day to sow your seeds in spring). 


  • After launching our Custom Template Colors in the 2.4.10 release, we’re expanding the scope of our Branding Module . Replace the standard KaiNexus logo with your organization’s logo, hide your organization name, and of course, add custom colors to drop-down menus, the Create button, bookmark icon, and notification bell.


  • To provide more visibility to People, Roles and Locations that handle escalations, you can now filter by “Escalated to” to track where your improvement went!


  • In List, Tree, and Gantt Views, right-click on an Item to enable Single Item Editing and to generate a list of actions that you can make without needing to enter the Item itself. 


  • Just like the Greeks, KaiNexus values a solid column. Instead of doric, ionic, and corinthian, we’re supporting our List, Tree, and Gantt Views with new column options for Files, Links, and Escalated to. 

💡 Improvements 💡


  • Updated Role tooltips help admins better select and assign permissions for their team.


  • Add or remove logos, hide your organization’s name, and add custom colors to your drop-down menus for Boards, List, People, and Reports. 
  • Need inspiration? Pantone recently announced that Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow are the Color of the Year 2021, creating a “marriage of color conveying a message of strength and hopefulness.” Use custom colors to replace the default KaiNexus blue with something more “enduring and uplifting” for your Create button, bookmark icon, and notification bell. 


  • Users can set custom filters within the new Calendar View to show important dates for their Items.


  • When submitting a Comment, Users are required to select a valid response under the Email Now drop-down field when “Email Now” is checked. 


  • Users can track their escalation workflow with the new “Escalated to” filter, and further refine their search by Location, User, and Role.


  • The .healthcare domain is now supported when creating and editing a User.
  • New tooltips on the Create window distinguish the Files and Links icons.


  • Users can right-click an Item to enable Single Item Editing, then right-click again to “Disable Edit”.
  • Single Field Editing has been restricted to enable only 10 rows at a time.
  • Users can right-click an Item to view a drop-down menu with options to edit Status, Details, Parent, Team, Date, Locations, Comment, Archive, and Delete. 
  • List, Tree, and Gantt Views have new column options to show Links, attached Files, and Escalated to.
  • Users can set a preference for collapsing and expanding Quick Filters in Lists.


  • Users can manage improvement work from creation to completion with the KaiNexus mobile app. Create, edit, and view your Items all from the palm of your hand!
  • The new search bar allows Users to quickly find the Items they need, and the search history icon lets Users see their recent searches.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest improvement work on the Mobile App’s new notifications tab!
  • The KaiNexus mobile app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play.


  • Employee IDs can be hidden from the details of the User Profile window and the Edit Profile window. If enabled, only Users with a User Admin permission would be able to view the Employee IDs. 
  • As another security boost, organizations can choose to Lock All User Profiles. If enabled,  only Users with a User Admin permission will be able to edit User Profiles. 
  • Organizations can also Lock User Attribute Fields. If enabled, only Users with a User Admin permission will be able to edit User Attributes (Titles, Positions, Employment Statuses, and Certifications).

🐛 Fixed Bugs 🐛


  • We believe in giving credit where credit is due; that’s why we fixed a bug that only showed the first 50 people on the Activity by Person Report Card, and didn’t display total Users on the first page of Activity, Cycle Time, and Impact by Person Reports.


  • Gantt View is now more ele-gantt when exported to PDF. 


  • In the spirit of collaboration, the Collaborator role is now included in Excel Item imports. 


  • If you have always wanted the creative freedom to name your Custom Layout Details panel something like “Cu$t()m L@y()u+ Det@il$ P@ne[”, now you can! The special characters ~`@#$%^&*()_+={}|[]\:';",./<>?" <- will no longer prevent naming the Details panel in Custom Layout. 


  • KaiNexus is all about promoting visibility for everyone submitting improvement work. Users can now easily navigate between pages on any Leaderboard Report to view all people in the Report.


  • The word “Adhoc” didn’t score too highly on Merriam-Webster’s online poll of prettiest words in the English language, but we managed to make Items with an Adhoc field prettier when exported to PDF.


  • We fixed a bug that showed “No data” when navigating to the next page on Set an Activity by Person Report that was set to show all dates. 


  • We’ve boosted the performance speed for “Aggregate Location and below” on the Impact by Location Report.


  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Find out what it means to… Adhoc. Adhoc columns on a List will better respect the Adhoc field on the Item itself. 


  • We all to be liked and acknowledged from time to time, so we made liking and acknowledging comments stick better on Charts.


  • The system search logic for searching by number has been improved.


  • We fixed a bug that displayed “No results” when searching in the Lists section.


  • We fixed a bug that prevented Users from clicking to the next page of results in Lists.


  • Adhoc fields that include an Attribute Value with a tooltip will now allow Users to hover over the Attribute and view the tooltip while in the work panel or while editing.


  • We fixed a bug with the JSON User API, which produced an error when updating a Payroll title.


  • We fixed a bug that didn’t include the “Responsible Person” field in the “Assign” window, which prevented General Users from assigning an Item. 


  • We fixed a bug that caused issues when loading Items of the Define Template.


  • We fixed a bug where Users had to manually refresh to see a Weighted Score Panel appear after adding a Weighted Score to an Item that did not have one yet.


  • Halloween was months ago, but we still had a few lingering ghosts that popped up in the form of blank windows when trying to Single Field Edit. Items should now be poltergeist free when Single Field Editing!


  • We fixed a bug where the Goal Statement, Outcome Metric, and Target fields were sometimes not directly editable.


  • We fixed a bug where Location Impact Reports timed out when using the advanced filter “is not any of” Attribute Condition.


  • We fixed a bug where Attribute Notes didn’t appear on Cards when hovering over an Attribute Value with hidden text.