2.x Release Notes

2.4.4 Release Notes

April 3, 2020

Release Highlights


  • Introducing Single Field Editing! Edit Titles, Fields, Attributes, Locations, and Resolutions by clicking on them individually.

  • Superuser and General User now replace Full Access User and Frontline User respectively. 

  • General Users can now create Boards and view Lists, People, and/or Reports with the proper permissions.

  • Capture Users can now login via desktop and see a list of their authored Items.

  • Compare different categories of data and break down parts of a whole using Stacked Bar Charts.

  • Chart annotations are now able to be added to Bowling Charts.

  • Chart annotations will now outline a data point in Bar/Line, Pareto & Threshold Charts.

  • We added Bulk Change to the Manage Boards area to make it easier to change multiple boards at once!

  • Users can now PDF Item Lists in both Kanban and Gantt View.


Complete Release Notes




  • Admins can now add a Start Date and End Date to a Login Notice.

  • Global Login Notices can be disabled at the organization level.

  • The Activation Email - Introduction Message, Activation Screen - Welcome Message, and Account Info Email - Message have been enhanced to support the HTML editor.

  • Columns options have been added to Weighted Scores to show Templates - Available, Templates - Required, Required Roles and Required Locations and Level Types.

  • A column option has been added to Attributes to show Locations.



  • JSON API exports can now include the Last Comment, Reviewed On Date, Archive Date, Chart Type, Weighted Score Values, Attribute Notes, Dependencies, Likes, Acknowledgements, and Votes.



  • Organization or Board Default Card Headers will now be displayed when editing the headers of a new or existing Card that has never had custom colors set.

  • Bulk Change is now available on a People List Card in the non-expanded view.


  • The note field on a Chart Annotation will now grow as text is added.

  • Bowling Charts with Date Row Type can now show the timestamp.


  • The Markdown Editor tooltip has been updated to reference the correct way to put two images on the same line.


  • The People Filter can now be added to a People Attribute.

  • Adding a Parent Filter will now default to “Only First Level” setting.

  • Users can now apply filters to Date Fields.


  • Dismissible Login Notices will now be permanently dismissed by selecting the ‘Don’t Show Me This Again’ checkbox.

  • Persona” has been added as an optional field on Roles and User Profile in order to categorize all your users by high level use cases.

  • The cursor will now be in the first typing field when Bulk Changing Items.

  • Icons have been added to the People List Bulk Change options.



  • Users now have the option to Copy and Convert an Item at any time, including upon Completion.



  • Links now include descriptions for Items, including ‘Relates To’, ‘Resulted In’, and ‘Originated From’. 





  • A tooltip has been added to the Areas Referenced section on Roles and Network that explains how to open a Board.

  • The “Areas Referenced” Column within the Network now includes Roles, Time Savings Person, Products, Resources, Cycle Time, Lead Time, Takt Time, Currencies, and Languages.



  • When adding ‘Inactive’ to the People filter, the ‘Show Inactive’ checkbox in People Quick Filters area will be automatically hidden to limit confusion.



  • Controlling Attribute Groups now support default values to Attributes.

  • Attributes default values can now be applied on Submit, on Assign, and/or on Complete.

  • Removing a value that triggers a conditional field will now clear and remove those fields even if they have been populated.




  • A bug has been fixed that prevented emails from being sent as a comment when selecting a user and selecting “Email Now”.

  • The ‘Plan’ Bulk Change window will no longer open behind other windows.

  • Adding or editing a child filter on an Item List will no longer add a parent filter.

  • A bug has been fixed that prevented a PDF of a Custom Layout Template from exporting properly.

  • Slideshow will now refresh at the selected interval even if only 1 Board has been chosen.

  • The tooltip for Auto-Scroll on Slideshow has been updated.