2.x Release Notes

2.4.3 Release Notes

February 21, 2020

Release Highlights



Complete Release Notes




  • The Note label on Attributes can now be customized.

  • People Quick Filters were added to the User section of the Admin area.

  • New column options were added to Network, Standard Work, Weighted Scores, and Attributes in the Admin area.



  • Users can now Collapse or Expand All Boards in the Manage Boards area.

  • The scroll on the Board Picker will now scroll in the same direction as scrolling on a Board.

  • Board Breadcrumbs will now rotate to indicate it is clickable.

  • Card Headers set at an organization level in the Admin area will be displayed when opening Default Card Headers of a new Board.

  • The “Swap” button was added to the Default Card Headers window and Configure Card Header Colors in the General section of the Admin area.

  • “Use Board’s Default Card Headers” checkbox option was added to the Edit Headers window of a Card.





  • Columns are sortable in Gantt view when clicking on the column header.

  • The “Select All” checkbox is now available when doing a Bulk Change on a List in Detail View.



  • The Save PDF option has been replaced with Print/Save PDF.

  • Saving to .XLSX on an Item List or People List and selecting “Include Current Columns” will now respect column order.



  • “First Login Date” was added as a column and filter option in the People area. 



  • A User Filter was added to all leaderboard Reports to be able to filter down the users shown in the list.



  • The tooltip on the Gantt View Nested Items Panel will now match the information shown on a List/Item List Card in Gantt View.

  • Entering a Username when creating or editing a user will now check the database for existing Usernames. 

  • Items in Draft status will no longer show up by default in the Activity Reports.

  • Users can now set item dependencies within a Standard Work group.

  • Adding an Attachment will now update the item’s Last Updated Date.

  • A bug was fixed that prevented Attribute Folders from respecting the order set in the Attributes admin page.

  • A bug was fixed that prevented users from removing the Engagement filter from a People List.

  • A bug was fixed which caused an error when downloading the data of a Chart with special characters in the Chart title.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented users from removing Advanced filters on a Report Card.

  • Performance enhancements were made that will allow Boards to load faster.

  • Users will no longer have the option to Delete an item unless they have both the Edit and Delete permissions for the Item.

  • A bug was  fixed that prevented users from opening specific items in List filters.

  • The Impact Summary Report will now apply the Actual/Forecast/Target filter to lists.

  • A bug was fixed that showed “You’re all caught up” when there were  still notifications left.

  • A bug was fixed that caused a negative Cost Avoidance amount on the Impact Summary Report from a recorded “Unknown Amount”.

  • Users can now download files from Standard Work that have just been added.

  • Exporting a Bowling Chart to PDF will keep the Chart in the configured view.

  • A bug was fixed that prevented users from seeing an expanded list in Gantt View.

  • Control Limit, Bowling, and Threshold Charts will now be hidden when deselected as a visible series.

  • Kanban column changes now save to a custom list.

  • The proper Edit View columns will now appear when switching from List view to Kanban view in the Lists section.

  • Shared Series and Chart Annotations will no longer be removed from Charts during data uploads.

  • “Toggle Date Range” option will no longer appear on Charts without date ranges.

  • A bug was fixed that prevented a Nested Item List from initially showing all items.