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Your Location’s Attributes

 NOTE: Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to take advantage of this new feature.

When choosing what criteria to filter by on a list, you can organize the way Attributes appear in that drop-down by assigning a specific Network Location to an Attribute. This will help cut through the clutter when scrolling through the Attributes your organization has configured by making it quicker and easier to find the Attributes you work with the most.

Every Attribute that has been assigned to one or more of your Network Locations will appear in the “Pick a criteria…” drop-down under the section, “Your Location’s Attributes.” Any other Attributes that have not been assigned a specific Network Location will also be visible under this section. However, if an Attribute has been assigned to a Network Location that you are not in, these Attributes are still available in the drop-down under a separate section called “Other Attributes.”

This functionality is designed to allow easy access and management of Attributes relevant to you when filtering, by tagging them with your Location. This will not limit your accessibility to filter by “Other Attributes,” which refers to those outside of your Location.