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View your Notifications in the KaiNexus mobile app

KaiNexus automatically alerts you about Items that need your attention. Items flagged with pertinent information will appear in the KaiNexus mobile app’s notifications tab.

Two Line OfieREQUIRED: Download the KaiNexus mobile app onto your mobile device. Check out this support article to learn how to access the mobile app.

You'll typically receive time-sensitive notifications via email — unless emails have been disabled for your account or you don't have an email address associated with your account — while all other notifications will be solely located within KaiNexus. You will also receive an in-app notification for any notification you were emailed about.

Notifications either deliver information (e.g. that a new comment was added to the item) or prompt you to take action (e.g. to review a submitted Resolution).

You'll receive notifications about actions performed by KaiNexus — such as Items that were automatically transitioned from the Planned status to the Active status — and actions performed by other people. You won't receive notifications about your own actions.

View your notifications in the KaiNexus mobile app

To view notifications in the KaiNexus mobile app, log in to the app, then:

  • Tap the bell icon at the bottom of the app.

The KaiNexus mobile app with an arrow pointing to the bell icon

Working with your list of notifications

  • Each Item for which you have a notification will be listed in your list of notifications. If an Item has multiple notifications, they will all be listed together.
  • Unread notifications are indicated with a blue dot to their right. Tap the blue dot to mark that notification as read and the blue dot will turn gray.
    • To mark a notification as unread, tap the gray dot.
  • To the left of each notification is an icon indicating the type of notification.
    • Notifications marked with a blue dot are updates made to that Item since you last viewed it.
    • Notifications marked with a comment icon are about new or updated comments.
    • Notifications marked with a bell are notifications you've received due to your (or your Role's) notification preferences.
    • Notifications marked with a flag are notifications you've received due to your association with the Item.
  • Tap any of the listed Items to open it and take a closer look.
    • If the Item is nested under a parent, the parent's name will appear under the Item's own. Tap the parent's name to open it.

Updating an Item from the Notifications screen

There are several actions you can take directly from the Notifications screen. Each action has a corresponding icon next to the Item name. 

The KaiNexus mobile apps notification screen with the notification actions icons marked in red
  • Tap the thumbs-up icon to like the Item or the checkmark icon to acknowledge it. The icon will be filled in to indicate that you've liked or acknowledged the Item.
  • Tap the Comment icon to open the Item's Comments window. From there, you can enter a new comment.
  • Tap the Copy Link icon to copy the Item's direct link to your clipboard.
  • Tap the x icon that appears to the right of an Item's notifications to clear that Item's flags. The Item will disappear from your Notifications window, all your Notifications will disappear from the Item itself, and a confirmation message will appear.

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