Working with Lists

Use the Calendar Integration

Integrate KaiNexus' Calendar View with your Google or Outlook calendar to easily visualize the Start and Due Dates of your Items.

Trim OfieImportant: Calendar Integration must be enabled for your organization to perform the functions on this support page. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to setup Calendar Integration. 

The KaiNexus calendar integration makes it easy to incorporate your KaiNexus activity with the rest of your work. This feature pulls Items from KaiNexus and adds them to your third-party calendar so you can easily keep track of important dates.

The KaiNexus Calendar view can be integrated with any third-party calendar that uses .ics format. For example, you can subscribe to your KaiNexus calendar using:

When you subscribe to a KaiNexus calendar, it will show up in your third-party calendar with the calendar name “KaiNexus: [Name of your list]."

Each Item’s title will appear as the name of the event and there will be a direct link to that Item in the event description.

The integration provides for read-only access and is not a two-way sync. This means that changes made in KaiNexus will be reflected on your third-party calendar, but changes you make on the third-party calendar will not be applied to the Item in KaiNexus.

The integration supports the sharing of up to 500 Items and includes Items dated 30 days prior to today and 60 days into the future. While we do request third-party services such as Outlook and Google to refresh the calendar every hour, they have been known to take between 24-48 hours to update.

Subscribe to a calendar feed

In order to get your Items to show up in your third-party calendar, you’ll first need to create a custom List in the Calendar View. You should apply filters to make sure the information you're interested in is included in the List.

Two Line OfieFor more information on custom Lists, check out this support article.

For more information on Calendar View, check out this support article.

Once your custom List is ready, open it and then:

  • Click Actions at the top of the List.

An Item List with an arrow pointing to Actions

  • Click Calendar URL in the resulting drop-down menu and the Calendar URL popup will appear.
  • Click Copy to copy the URL to your clipboard. This URL is what you'll paste into your third-party calendar in order to subscribe to the KaiNexus calendar.

Trim OfieWARNING: This calendar URL is unique for each user and each calendar, and should not be shared between users. Keep the URL as secure as you would a password. Anyone with the URL could subscribe to this calendar, regardless of whether they have access to the Items in KaiNexus. However, they would not be able to open the Items in KaiNexus (even if it appears on their calendar) unless their KaiNexus permissions allow access.

    Removing a calendar

    If you delete the List that a calendar feed references, that calendar will also be deleted from your third-party calendar platform.

    To keep the saved List in KaiNexus but remove it from your third-party calendar platform, unsubscribe from that calendar in your third-party app.

    Resetting calendar URLs

    Resetting calendar URLs will deactivate any links you have previously shared with third-party apps.

    Two Line OfieWhen you reset your calendar URLs, any calendar links you have previously shared with third-party apps will be deactivated. You will need to provide those apps with new URLs in order for them to continue accessing your saved calendars.

    To reset your calendar URLs:

    • Click your profile picture in the top right corner of the navigation bar.
    • In the resulting drop-down menu, click User Profile and your profile will open.
      • Click Actions in the top-right corner of your profile.
      • Click Notification Preferences in the resulting drop-down menu and your Notification Preferences window will open.
        • Click the Integration Settings tab near the top of the Notification Preferences window.
        • Click Refresh all calendar URLs and a confirmation window will open.
          • Check I understand this cannot be undone.
          • Click Refresh all calendar URLs.