Item Management

Single Field Editing on Items

We understand how important it is to make quick edits to your Items with ease in KaiNexus. You can do just that when making changes to your Items with single field editing.

Using Single Field Editing on Items

As long as you have permission to edit the Item, whether it be because you are on the Item's Team or because of your system permissions, you can automatically take advantage of this feature. 

To use this feature, open the Item you wish to edit, then:

  • Find the field you want to edit and hover over its existing data. If you have permission to edit that field on this Item, a gray highlight will appear over it.
Single field edit on items

  • Click into the gray box for that field.
  • In the resulting pop-up, make any changes you would like to that specific field.
  • When you’re finished making updates, click Save.

Ofie Profile PicPro Tip: Did you know you can set-up Templates so the entire Panel opens when you click on a Field or Attribute? This is great for Templates where you fill out many fields in a row. You can make the changes and then hit save one time, eliminating clicks. Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more! 

What can be updated with Single Field editing?

The  following fields can be edited with just a single click:

  • The Title of your Items

  • Any Fields and Attributes

  • Any editable dates
  • The Originating and/or Responsible Locations

  • Any quantitative Resolution details