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Change the default columns for your organization

Customize which columns appear by default on new Item Lists

Specific columns will appear by default when you create a new Item List. Depending on what information is essential to your organization, you can customize which columns appear. Setting appropriate default columns can save time and provide people with relevant information. 

Your organization's default columns will appear on all new: 

  • Custom Lists
  • Item List Cards
  • Nested Item Lists
  • Item Lists opened from Reports and Widgets

Who can change your organization's default columns?

Anyone with the "System Administrator" can access the General administration page and update the organization's name.

Change the default columns for your organization

To customize which columns appear by default on new Item Lists, navigate to the Admin section and select General beneath the System header. 

  • Scroll down to Customize Item List Columns
  • If the Enable checkbox is not already enabled, select the checkbox. The option to Edit Columns will appear on the right. 
  • Select Edit Columns
  • In the resulting window, you can customize the list of existing default columns.
    • Use the Search for Columns bar to add new columns. 
    • Hover over a column and select the x icon to remove it. 
    • To customize the width of any column, enter a number of pixels in the Min Width or Max Width columns beside the appropriate column name. 
    • You can reset the columns to the system default anytime by selecting Reset Columns to Default
  • Select Save

All new Item Lists will include your default columns in List, Tree, and Gantt View. You should sign out and back in to see your changes take effect. 

Ofie Profile PicPro Tip: Changing your organization's default columns won’t affect existing Lists with modified columns.