Release Notes

September 27, 2016 Release Notes

New Features

  • Copy a Card onto the same Board, a different Board, or to a custom list with the click of a button.

  • You can now mix the order of Attributes and fields on a Project or Improvement type.

  • Fields on a Project or Improvement can now be text, date, or number fields.

  • We’ve added a lot of chart customization that gives you more control over how your data is displayed than ever before.

  • Subscribe to a custom list to stay up to date with all Projects, Improvements, and Tasks that meet your criteria.

  • A new Private Administrator was created. People with this permission will be able to see all private Improvements and Projects in their organization

Complete Release Notes


  • Control where an Attribute’s label will be displayed on an Improvement or Project - it can be to the left of the Attribute or above it.

  • You can now export all User and Location Board Reports into an Excel document.

  • The Engagement by Role Report is now called the User  Participation Summary Report.

  • A search box and the Level Type filter were added to the Network admin page.

  • You can now sort lists of Projects, Improvements, and Tasks by two criterion.

  • Hovering over “# of annualized Improvements/person,” “Used system,” and “Logged in” on the User Engagement Summary or each segment of the donut charts on the User Participation Summary now causes an explanation of that data to appear.

  • Comments that have been edited will now be marked as such.

  • If you’ve already added someone to a list of users - e.g. the list of Collaborators on an Improvement - you can no longer click their name on the user drop-down menu to remove them from the list. You must now click the “x” next to their name.

  • You can now filter a list of Tasks by the parent type - Improvement or Project.

  • You can now filter a list of Improvements by what type of Project the parent Project is.

  • User Administrators can now filter the list of users to return all those who are locked out of their account due to password expiration or too many failed login attempts.

  • The bucketing of dates on the Statuses Report has been improved.

  • A small text change was made to the “Account lockout” message to make clearer what needs to be done to regain access.

  • The Level Type icons have been added to all Network Location drop-down menus.


  • A bug was fixed which caused links added while assigning an Improvement to be lost.

  • A bug was fixed which removed blank lines from customized tooltips.

  • A bug was fixed which caused an erroneous icon to be displayed on the list of Attributes when an Attribute had an assigned icon.