Release Notes

September 12, 2016 Release Notes

New Features

  • We’ve added a new Cycle Type Report. Use this report to track the Improvement cycle time - how long Improvements are spending in each status - on a per Location basis.


  • The notification window has been broken up into three sections - “All” which includes all of your alerts, “Yours” which includes alerts about Projects and Improvements with which you’re involved, and “Opt-In” which includes alerts about which you’ve asked to be informed.


Complete Release Notes


  • We’ve updated the design of the notifications bell and added a “badge” so you know how many alerts you have.

  • Project Administrators can now edit completed Projects.

  • If you do not have permission to assign an Improvement to its Author, the Author will not appear in the Responsible dropdown.

  • User attributes - Positions, Titles, Employee Types, and Certifications - can now be sorted alphabetically with the click of a button.

  • We’ve added “5 days” and “10 days” to the bottleneck filters.

  • An Improvement no longer needs to have a Responsible Person to be included in the Responsible Locations filter. This makes this filter work much better.

  • A text change was made to the confirmation screen seen when deleting an Attribute.

  • A text change was made to the Participant default tooltip.


  • Charts in Reports will no longer include overdue Projects and Improvements in their “Active” counts.

  • We removed “Assign” from the options on a deferred Improvement, leaving “Activate” in place.

  • The “Last Updated” date on a draft Improvement is now updated when the Improvement is submitted.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented Project Administrators from editing a Project’s dates or deleting the Project.

  • A bug was fixed which excluded fields shown on a Project’s completion screen from an exported PDF.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented previously inactive users from receiving their KaiNexus emails.

  • A bug was fixed which sometimes caused filters on the People screen to be unselected.

  • When creating a new Role, a scroll bar will now appear when necessary.

  • A bug was fixed which sometimes prevented a profile picture from being uploaded.

  • File descriptions and titles added during the creation of an Improvement will no longer be lost.

  • A bug was fixed which caused the “Role(s)” filter to be dropped on certain Reports.