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Respond to Comments, Updates, and Notes via Email

Save time by replying to Comments, Updates, and Notes directly from your email.

When people post a Comment, Update or Note on an Item, they have the opportunity to send an email notification separate from the digest to certain people. Typically, this option is chosen for the most important or time-sensitive messages. 

When you receive one of these email notifications, you can respond directly from your email rather than following the link back to the Item in KaiNexus. This is a real timesaver, giving the conversation the speed of email communication with the benefit of maintaining a permanent record of the discussion within KaiNexus.

Respond to Comments, Updates and Notes via email

When you receive an email specifically about a Comment, Update, or Note (not the digest), reply to the email as you would any other. The body of the email will be logged in one of the Item's Communication Panels. 

Where will the email reply be logged? 

Your email reply will default to being posted in the Comments Panel of the Item, even if the email you received was originally an Update or Note. 

  • If the Item does not have a Comments Panel, then your email reply will be logged in the Updates Panel. 
  • If the Item does not have a Comments or Updates Panel, then your email reply will be logged in the Notes Panel. 


  • Make sure you send the email from the email address associated with your KaiNexus account.
    • Additionally, that email address must be associated with only one KaiNexus account, otherwise, you will receive an error message and your response will not be posted.
  • Do not change the "Reply To" email address.
  • Replying to conversations via email is a functionality exclusive to Comments, Updates, and Notes attached to a specific Item. There is no "Email Now" option for posting on a Comment Card. 

Two Line OfiePRO TIP: You may want to remove your email signature when replying to the Comment, Update, or Note. If you do not, the signature will be included in the post in KaiNexus.