Respond to Comments via Email

When posting a comment to an Item, Users have the opportunity to immediately send an email notification to certain Users. Typically, this option is chosen for the most important comments or those of a time-sensitive manner.

Email Now Comment

When you receive such a notification, you can respond to the comment directly from your email! This gives the conversation the speed of an email communication with the benefit of maintaining a permanent record of the discussion within KaiNexus.

How do I respond to comments via email?

When you get an email specifically about a comment (not the digest), reply to the email as you would any other. The body of the email will become the new comment!


  • Make sure you send the email from the email address associated with your KaiNexus account.
    • Additionally, that email address must be associated with only one KaiNexus account, otherwise, you will receive an error message and your comment will not be posted.
  • Do not change the "Reply To" email address.

Two Line OfiePRO TIP: You may want to remove your email signature when replying to a comment. If you do not, the signature will be included in the comment on KaiNexus.