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Reactivate an Inactive user

Reactivate an Inactive user to restore their access to KaiNexus.

Users in KaiNexus are never fully deleted — just made Inactive. Once they've been inactivated, those users can not log in to KaiNexus, participate in improvement work in the system, and will no longer receive emails from KaiNexus.

If an Inactivate user needs access to KaiNexus, they must be reactivated.

Who can reactivate an Inactive user?

  • Anyone with the "Global User Administrator" permission can reactivate users anywhere in the organization.
  • Anyone with the "Local User Administrator" permission can reactivate users in the Location specified by that permission's configuration.

Reactivate an Inactive user

To reactivate an Inactive user, navigate to the User Management administration page or the People page:

  • Click the Show Inactive checkbox to enable it.

    If you don't see this checkbox or any of the quick filters, you may need to click Filters to expand these options.

The People page with an arrow pointing to the Show Inactive checkbox

  • Enter the name (or username) of the person you want to reactivate in the Search Users field, then hit enter/return or click the magnifying glass icon in the search field. The list of people will update to reflect your search.

Two Line OfieBy default, Inactive users will not be included on the list of people. Be sure to check the Show Inactive checkbox or they will not be included in your search results.

  • Hover over the user you want to edit so that it is highlighted blue and click the pencil icon that appears to its right.

The People page with an arrow pointing to the pencil icon next to a user

  • The user's Edit Profile window will open: 
    • Expand the User Type drop-down and select the User Type to which the user should be changed.
    • Click Save.

What emails are sent when I reactivate a user?

  • General and Capture users with an associated email address will receive a welcome email with instructions for logging in.

  • General and Capture users without an associated email address, will not receive a welcome email. It is your responsibility to inform them that their account is active and help them log in for the first time.

  • If the user is not a General or Capture user, they will not receive any emails.