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Organize the List of Level Types

Whenever you see a list of Locations in KaiNexus — such as on the Network admin page, the Location picker in the Reports section, etc. — they are arranged within their Network hierarchy according to their Level Type. To change the order in which these Level Types are sorted throughout KaiNexus, reorganize them on the Level Type administration page.

Who can organize the list of Level Types?

Anyone with the "Quality Administrator" permission can organize the list of Level Types.

People with other Administrator permissions may be able to access the Level Types administration page, but will not be able to make changes to it.

Organize the list of Level Types

To organize the list of Level Types, navigate to the Level Types administration page. Next, locate the Level Type you want to move, then click and hold its name and drag and drop it into its new position. A green line will appear in its new position before you release it.