Release Notes

October 23, 2017 Release Notes

New Features

  • We’ve completely re-engineered our charts feature. Not only did we add statuses, but we’ve also tweaked the “Team” and “Dates” sections, allowed you to nest any other item in the system under a chart, and made it possible to have different chart templates!

  • When adding a link to a Project, Improvement, Task, or Chart, you can now choose to add an external link (as before) or an internal link to another item in Kainexus.

  • Global Badge Administrators can now bulk assign and remove manually granted Badges from the “People” page.


Complete Release Notes


  • You can now include “Location” columns on your List and Tree Views. Improvement and Incident lists include the option to include “Originating Locations” and/or “Responsible Locations,” while all other lists have only the one “Locations” column.

  • If there’s an Attribute shown on a list of items which has an associated note, you can just hover over the Attribute and the note will appear! NOTE: If there’s an associated note, the Attribute will be underlined on the list.

  • The PDF export of a Project, Improvement, or Task with a custom layout now retains that customized formatting.

  • The Excel export limit was increased from 5,000 to 50,000 items.

  • The type of some fields on a template can now be configured after the template’s creation. Text areas can be converted into text fields or markdown fields; markdown fields can now be converted into text fields or text areas.

    Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to take advantage of this improvement.

  • We added an “Incidents” tab on the User Activity page for organizations with the Incident Add-On in place.

  • We have made a ton of small user interface improvements.

  • The performance of the User Participation Summary was improved.



  • A bug was fixed which caused dates on charts to roll back by a day when the chart was edited by someone in a particular timezone.

  • A bug was fixed which caused the “Delete” button to appear on Improvements for users who have the “Delete” permission but not the “Edit” permission. This button will now appear only if you have both required permissions.

  • A bug was fixed which caused the expanded view of a chart to display all of its data series, regardless of which series were set to be displayed in the original view.

  • The appearance of items with a custom layout will no longer be distorted when clicking between its tabs.

  • A bug was fixed which caused the “Team,” “Date,” “Links,” and “Files” sections to randomly be moved to the bottom of the Project or Improvement’s page.

  • Moving a List Card and then changing its settings will no longer reset its position.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented images from being added to a certain field that was configured to support images.

  • When filtering by a custom date range, the current time on the end date will no longer be used as the cutoff. The custom range will now extend to the end of the final day.

  • Restricted Board Administrators can now nest Boards under Boards they own, regardless of whether they created them.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented users from creating an item from the parent’s page if all relevant templates were in groups under the “Create” button.

  • A bug was fixed which caused some headers to disappear when using Safari.

  • Inactive fields will no longer appear on PDF exports.

  • A bug was fixed which caused number and date fields to sometimes appear twice on PDF exports.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented Nested Board Cards from being repositioned.

  • A bug was fixed which allowed users without the necessary permissions to see the “Resolve” option when accessing Improvements from the Detail View.

  • If a user does not have permission to edit a chart, they will no longer be able to open the ‘Edit” button by expanding the chart.

  • The “Files” panel will now be hidden when editing or creating items until a file is added via that window.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented users from bulk editing nested Tasks in the List View.

  • The “Charts” section now remembers your last viewing settings.

  • The numbering in the “People” section is now correct regardless of which column is used to sort the list.