Release Notes

October 23, 2015 Release Notes


  • More information is now shown on the timeline when one action results in several changes.

  • A notification is now shown when the system is going down for maintenance.

  • Links to the support site now connect to the 2.0 Alpha support site.

  • The due date is no longer automatically set for any new Improvement.

  • We improved the layout of the screen when selecting an icon for an Attribute.

  • Projects now have a required "Location field" describing where the Project is taking place. It defaults to the Location of the Facilitators when submitting a new Project

  • Task lists can now be displayed in the List View.

  • We added the ability to collapse/expand the list of items on the Detail View.

  • We improved the layout of the Resolution screen.

  • We improved several icons throughout the app.

  • A status indicator was added to the Quick Search results.

  • Confirmation is now required if you change a public Board you did not create to private.

  • Filter functionality was added to the Quick Search.

  • The Resolution can now be edited without reopening the Improvement.

  • We adjusted the Resolution's notification screen's default settings.

  • We added the Escalate feature to Improvements.

  • We improved the color scheme on the User Count Report.
  • The layout of the Impact Summary Report was improved for small screens.

  • We improved the terminology on Projects Filter page. 



  • Cards on public boards now update for non-owners.

  • A bug was fixed which made it impossible to delete Login Notifications.

  • Users can no longer log in when servers are in maintenance mode.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented users from creating new Attributes.

  • An error with Quick Search pagination was corrected.

  • We fixed a bug which prevented users from creating new Tasks from certain Improvements.

  • Long Location names are now wrapped so that full name is always visible.

  • A bug was fixed which allowed some users without "Delete" permissions to delete a Task's timeline entries.